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The Ultimate Guide – Best Mop For Tile Floors

One of the main selling points of a tile floor is their low maintenance requirements. There is little that needs to be done to a tile floor once installed, as these hard surfaces are durable and easy to clean up. If you drop something like a few crackers on a tile floor, you can likely just pick them up and move on with your day. If you do the same thing on a carpeted floor, however, you may need to pull the vacuum cleaner out of your closet in order to clean up the mess properly.

With that said, low maintenance is not the same thing as no maintenance. You are still going to need to care for your tile floors and wood floors from time to time, and one of the best ways to do that is through the use of a mop. A mop will be able to deliver a small amount of water to the floor, giving you the chance to restore some of the colors and shine to your tile floors that may have faded over time. If you are willing to spend a bit of time mopping up your floors periodically, you can look forward to them maintaining a great look well into the future.

This buying guide is meant to help you find the best tile floor mop for your needs. Please take a few moments to review the information we have provided, and also check out the list of mops for tile floors that we have identified as some of the best on the market. Thanks for reading!

Best Mop for Tile Floors Product Reviews

The list below includes a collection of some of the top tile floor mops on the market today. To learn more about any of these best-rated mops, please take a moment to visit the Amazon product page via the included link.

Twist and Shout Mop

Being able to dry out your mop between uses is one of the key functions of any mop and bucket product, and the Twist and Shout Mop makes that task a breeze. Simply push on the handle of this mop and the head will spin itself dry – that’s all there is to it. The head features an absorbent microfiber material, and it is 14’’ in diameter. You can machine wash the two heads that are included with purchase, and those heads are rated to last between six months and a year, depending on the frequency of use.

To put it mildly, the reviews of this mop are impressive. Countless buyers have praised the performance of this item, which should give you great confidence as a buyer. Some of the compliments that have been left for this product include the fact that it is lightweight, easy to move around the room, cleans and dries nicely, and more. Simply put, this is one of the top mop products on the market, and you should at least give it close consideration before you make any purchase.

Bona Microfiber Floor Mop

If you are looking for simplicity first and foremost in a floor mop, this option from Bona is a good pick. This is the best microfiber floor mop with a mop head that measures 4’’ x 15’’ best tile mop. There is a cleaning pad as well as a dusting pad included with the purchase, and both of those pieces are made from microfiber. Compared to the rest of our list, this is one of the least expensive products we have reviewed. Of course, it doesn’t contain as many features as some of the other options, but that is to be expected when you consider the modest price tag.

Reviewers of this product are impressed with the job that it does on hard floor surfaces be it tile or hardwood. The light overall weight of the mop is praised, as is the low profile of the mop head and the performance of the pads. If there is one point of concern about this product, it may be to do with the durability of the mop itself. However, considering the low price point, you shouldn’t expect to receive a high-end unit. As long as you know what to expect going into the purchase, will likely be happy with what you receive for your money.

Bissell Symphony 1543A

At this point, we are going to take the list in a different direction. Unlike many of the other products on our list, which are traditional mops of some kind, this unit is a vacuum and steam-electric mop from Bissell. While this will not do the same work as a basic mop, it does have a long list of features that can help you clean up all-around your home. This product can be used for ceramic tile and clean grout stains. Specifically designed for pet owners, this option from Bissell is great if you regularly need to clean up after dogs or cats who live with you. Of course, this is going to be one of the more expensive items on our list, as it goes far beyond what is offered from a standard mop unit.

Many of the buyers of this product are happy with their purchase. One of the compliments paid to this unit is the ease with which you can switch from one mode to the other – from steam mopping to vacuuming, or vice versa – which is something that is not always said about 2-in-1 units. If you have a need for both a steam mop and a new vacuum, looking at this Bissell option is a great way to solve two problems with one purchase. This is one of the best tile floor steam cleaners.

Mopnado Rolling Spin Mop

Another good spin mop model, this Mopnado product is interesting due to the number of features that it includes. Although this option is more expensive than some of the other spin mops which we have reviewed on this list, there are some reasons for that cost. First, there is the use of stainless steel for the basket, rather than plastic. Also, the handle of the mop is steel, which is not common in this market. If quality is something that you put at a premium, you may wish to take a close look at the Mopnado.

Consistent with the focus on quality in this product, the review for the Mopnado is quite positive in nature. The large majority of buyers are happy with their purchase, as they feel the product is easy to use and well made. One of the points that seem to be a specific positive is the fact that this mop does not drop a large quantity of water onto the floor. That is great for situations where you don’t want the water to run away into other areas of your home, so this is a mop you can use in a variety of locations. Although there are plenty of spin mops to pick from, but this one up near the top of your shopping list.

O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop

This next model is an impressive all-around product, and yet another spin mop model. It includes a bucket with a built-in wringer, a microfiber head, a foot pedal to spin the mop, and a splash guard to keep water where it belongs – inside the bucket. Despite the fact that this product comes with a long list of features, it still has a modest price point (usually under $40). For a home with large spaces of hard floors, the O-Cedar spin mop is a product that will provide plenty of cleaning power.

Again with this product, we see another item that is highly reviewed by the majority of previous buyers. The quality of this item is praised, as is the ease of use and the amount of dirt it manages to pick up off the floor. You are going to have a hard time finding much in the way of complaints about the quality of this mop, which is a good sign that you will be happy with your purchase if you go in this direction.

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop

If you don’t want to purchase a spin mop with a specific bucket, you may wish to simply pick out a nice wet mop for tile that you can use with your own bucket. That is exactly what you will find here, as this microfiber cloth mop is an affordable option from O-Cedar. The mop head is meant to be washed in your washing machine, where it can be cleaned up to 100 times. The mop is meant for use on a wide variety of hard floors, and the handle can telescope out to 56’’. Usually available for less than $20, it is hard to go wrong with this basic mop, the best mop for a basic tile cleaning job.

The reviews for this project are largely positive, with many buyers happy with the product that they have received and the performance that it offers. However, there is one specific complaint that appears from some past buyers which deserves your attention. That complaint is in regard to the length of the handle – specifically, that the handle may not be long enough for some taller users. 56’’ is less than five feet in length, meaning those who stand tall may need to bend over slightly in order to use the mop properly. This will not be an issue for most buyers, but it is something to think about if you are taller than average.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D)

The Shark name has quickly built up a loyal following in the world of household cleaning products, and this Shark steam mop for tile floors is another option from their brand. You are going to spend significantly more money on a steam mop as opposed to a traditional model, but you will gain added cleaning power for your investment. This model comes with two mop heads, the steam is ready for use in just 30 seconds, and your floors will be sanitized up to 99.9% even without the use of chemicals.

Past buyers of this steam mop are glowing in their praise of the way this unit works. Among the many positives stated in relation to this product include the fact that the water heats up quickly, the ease of use, the quality of the pads, and more. Some users feel that it might take a bit of practice to learn how to use this mop properly and efficiently, but that seems like a small price to pay for a quality clean on your hard floors.

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop, Steam 100LRH

Another steam mop, this product from Oreck is one of the most expensive units on our list. That is not a huge surprise, however, as Oreck has a long-standing reputation for offering quality products in this market. You can get up to 40 minutes of the steam out of a full tank when using this mop, and there are no chemicals involved. The steam settings are adjustable to customize the cleaning process, it is the best mop for tile floors and grout stains and you can even use the entire thing upside down if necessary.

Unfortunately, the reviews for this product are not as enthusiastic as they are for many of the other steam mops on the market. Complaints with regard to this unit range from how heavy it is to concerns about the durability of the product. Of course, there are plenty of buyers who are happy with how it has performed, but the complaints that have been lodged should at least cause you to look more carefully before deciding on which mop you will eventually purchase. Overall this steam cleaner for tile floors will do the job.

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh

This steam mop from Bissell is designed with the pet owner in mind, so pay specific attention if you have furry friends living in your home that need to be cleaned up after. You can not only clean hard floors with this mop, but it will also work to clean elevated surfaces such as counters, sinks, and more. There are scent discs that can be used with this model to help with the task of eliminating pet odors from your home. Your floors will be sanitized naturally when you use this product, thanks to the power of steam (and no chemicals).

Overall, past buyers of this steam mop are very happy with their purchase. Most are impressed with the cleaning power that it offers, which thanks to the use of steam, is going to be significantly greater than what can be expected from a standard mop. It is stated that this mop works nicely on ceramic and tiles surfaces, and it is even capable of cleaning up windows. For a mop model that is capable of completing cleaning tile floors all-around your house without the use of harsh chemicals, the Bissell PowerFresh is a machine worth a closer look.

Shark Steam and Spray Steamer

This entry from Shark is yet another steam mop for tile and grout, and this one is going to come in on the lower end of the price range for steam mops (still significantly more expensive than a traditional mop, of course). This mop has a tank with a 450mL capacity, and the water can be heated up to produce steam in just 30 seconds. The width of the cleaning pad on this mop is 12’’, which is right in line with the standard for this kind of product. Of course, when you pick a product with the Shark brand name, you will be going with a trusted option that has been put to use in countless households over the years.

As tends to be the case with Shark products, the reviews which have been left by past buyers are largely complementary. Most users are happy with how this mop cleans up around the house, praising the length of the cord, the temperature of the steam, and more. If you are looking to invest in a quality steam mop that comes from a brand name that has a loyal following in this market, you will likely be pleased with your Shark Steam and Spray Steamer purchase.

Buying Consideration for a Tile Floor Mop

Even just taking a quick look at the mop market will reveal the fact that there are plenty of different options available to pick from. There are different mop head materials, different head styles, various buckets, and more. You can easily get overwhelmed with the number of choices if you don’t first do some thinking about your own needs. So, before you get started checking out the numerous options available on the market, think about the following points to narrow in on exactly the kind of mop you need.

What Kind of Tile Are You Cleaning?

This is the first point that needs to be considered as you start the shopping process. Specifically, you need to think about the texture on the tile in question, as that will largely determine the best mop for the job. Is the tile smooth on top, or is there texture that can trap dirt and other particles? A textured tile is going to require a more aggressive cleaning process – perhaps something like a scrub mop – where a smooth tiles may just need a traditional mop head. In addition to looking closely at the surface of your ceramic/porcelain tiles, also check to see if you have any documentation on your tiling for tips on how to clean the surface properly. If you have more than one kind of tile in your home, it may be necessary to purchase a couple of different mops.

Do You Need Steam?

Rather than just applying warm water, some mops have the ability to produce steam that can be used for greater cleaning effect. Of course, you don’t have to go with the best steam mops for tile floors, but you at least want to consider this option as you shop. Steam mops tend to be more expensive than traditional models, but the power of steam can clean floors in a way that you simply can’t do with a bucket of warm water. If your tile floors are regularly needing a deep clean, it might make sense to opt for a tile floor steamer model.

How Much Water Do You Want to Apply?

If you are wanting to be able to put quite a bit of water for a wet mop for the tile floor in order to wash it down, a traditional cloth mop head with plenty of long strands will do the trick nicely. Or, if you would prefer to keep your water usage to a minimum, you may want to consider a microfiber mop with a flat bottom. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong option, in this case, so you simply need to decide how you are going to go about cleaning your tile floors.

Advantages of Owning a Mop for Tile Floors

The clear advantage of owning the best mop for tile floors is having the ability to clean those floors quickly and easily. While you can run a vacuum over your tile floors as well, that treatment is never going to get them completely clean. You are going to need a mop for that job, so picking out one of the excellent models on the market is something you should do in short order. With the right mop on your side, it will be no problem at all to maintain great looking tile floors throughout your home.

If you don’t have a mop, you may need to get down on your hands and knees in order to scrub the floor clean with a brush. It should go without saying that you would be wise to avoid that chore at all costs. Since mops are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, there is no reason to live in a home with tile floors without having at least one best mop system available. Even though tile floors are generally low maintenance, they do need to be cleaned periodically if you want to keep them looking sharp.


If you have tile floors anywhere in your home, you are going to want to keep a mop on hand. Even if you only mop once in a while, it is important to have one available when the need arises. As you can see from our list above, there are plenty of great mops to pick from today, and many of them are rather affordable as well. Think about the amount of tiles you need to clean as well as your budget for this purchase before you settle on the right product for you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our tile floor mop buying guide. We hope you found what you were looking for on this page, and we wish you luck with your upcoming purchase.

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