Reviews of Best Leaf Vacuum Cleaners

What is The Best Leaf Vacuum Cleaners In 2021?

When you think about buying a vacuum cleaner, you are probably thinking about a machine that is to be used inside of your home. That is not always the case, however, as there is a whole category of leaf vacuums on the market which are meant to be used out in the yard. If you live in a part of the world where leaves falling to the ground is an annual occurrence, you know just how important it is to have a quality leaf vac on your side. Without this kind of machine waiting in your garage, you will be left to clean up the old fashioned way – with a rake and a bag.

In this buying guide, we are going to review some of the top-rated leaf vacuums available today. There is a collection of various leaf vac products on the market today, and each of them has its own set of unique functions and features. The right unit for you will depend on your leaf collecting needs, as well as your budget for the purchase. Leaf vacuums can run from rather affordable to quite expensive, but you don’t necessarily have to buy the top-of-the-line model in order to get a good machine. Read through the content below before you start shopping and you should come away with a unit that matches up nicely with your requirements – let’s get going!

Leaf Vacuum Buying Considerations

Purchasing a leaf vacuum is something that you will only have to do (hopefully) every few years or so, at the most. To make sure you don’t have to head right back out again next year to buy a new leaf vacuum, make sure the one you purchase this year is capable of performing all of the duties you have in mind. Most of the models on the market today do more than just vacuum up leaves, so compare all features before making your pick.

How Much Do You Have to Spend?

As always, the buying process needs to start with an evaluation of your budget. How much money do you have available to spend on this purchase? There are leaf vacuums that you can pick up for less than $100, and there are models that sell for more than twice that amount. While you don’t have to buy the most expensive one you can find, you also don’t necessarily want to opt for the cheapest of the lot. Set yourself a reasonable price range for this purchase before you get into the details of each machine, and then sort them out from there.

Mulching Capability

If you simply collect leaves in their whole state, they are going to rapidly fill up any kind of containment device you might have in mind. Even if you have a large yard waste bin to fill, whole leaves are going to make quick work of that space in no time at all. However, when you have a leaf vacuum with a mulching function, you can save space and pick up all of your leaves in short order. A mulching function simply means that the vacuum is going to be shredding leaves as it picks them up, which will condense their size significantly as they are gathered into the collection bag. In the end, you can pick up far more leaves and dispose of them easier when you have the power of mulching on your side.

Blower Speed

Almost all leaf vacuums operate also as blowers, which is handy for when you need to move leaves into a pile for collection. As you shop, check on the rated blower speed for each of the vacuums that you review. Many are able to blow at a speed of more than 200 miles per hour, which means they pack enough power to move even large, wet leaves with ease.

Weight of the Unit

Of course, you are going to be carrying this unit around your yard as you clean up the leaves, so you likely want to make sure it isn’t too heavy for you to handle. This won’t be an issue for some people, but it might to a top concern for you if you have some form of physical limitation. Compact, lightweight vacuums might not have quite the same power and capability as larger units, but they should still be able to get the job done while being easier on your body at the same time.

Power Source

One of the key components to your buying decision is thinking about what kind of power source you would like to use to operate this machine. Generally, you are going to have three options – a gas-powered engine, a corded electrical model, and a battery-powered model. You are usually going to get the most power from a gas engine, however, that option requires the most care and maintenance. Corded electric mulcher models tend to be the least expensive, but they are limited in range as you have to be plugged in at all times. With battery power, you get the convenience of an electric motor with an unlimited range around the house, but these are usually more expensive and you have to wait for the batteries to recharge once they run flat.

Benefits of Owning a Leaf Vacuum

The greatest benefit of owning a leaf vacuum is being able to keep your rake safely in the garage each fall when it is time to clean up the yard. There are few home landscaping chores quite as taxing as raking up and disposing of leaves, but you can change all that when you own a powerful leaf vacuum – especially one with a mulching system.

Another nice benefit of having a leaf vacuum is you will also have a blower by default. The blower can be used for leaves, but it can also be used to clean up your property in a number of other ways, even for something as simple as blowing dirt and small needles off your driveway or sidewalk. A good blower is something that just about every homeowner should have in the garage, and that function will come right along with your purchase when you opt for a leaf vacuum.

Top 10 – Best Leaf Vacuum Product Description

The list below is a collection of some of the best-rated leaf mulcher/vacuums on the market today. This list contains machines that fall in a variety of price brackets, so there should be something for everyone regardless of budget. To learn more about any of these machines, please take a moment to check out the Amazon sales page via the included link to get the best deals.

Earthwise 10-Amp Corded Blower/Vac/Mulcher

This product from Earthwise draws its power through a cord, and it offers the three functions that you would expect to see in a leaf vacuum – blowing, vacuuming, and leaf mulching. There are two speeds of operation for the blower, with the low speed offering 140 MPH and the higher setting offering an impressive 225 MPH. The tubes snap on and off without the use of tools, and there are two tubes included with your purchase – a 25’’ tube for blowing, and a 39’’ vacuum tube.

The majority of the buyers of this product have been happy with their purchase, stating that the machine is able to both vacuum and blow leaves as necessary. At just 10 amps, this model does not contain the power of some of the other larger models on the market, but it does seem to be able to get the job done for smaller projects. Unless you need the extra power for a specific reason, you will likely be satisfied with the performance of this affordable option.

Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc THB-260PF

To up the amount of power that you have at your disposal while cleaning up leaves on your property, consider this 1.3 HP gas-powered option from Tanaka. While this is a powerful little unit that is capable of doing more work than most corded models, it still only weighs just over 10 pounds – meaning it isn’t too much of a chore to move it around your yard. This gas blower is actually offered in two versions, one which is vacuum-capable and one which is not. You will naturally pay more for the model that is able to vacuum but adding that option certainly enhances the kind of work you can do with this machine.

There is a long list of compliments that have been left in favor of this heavy-duty unit over the years. The ease of starting this machine – something that can be difficult on some gas-powered leaf chipper/mulcher models – is one of the common traits that is cited as a positive from previous buyers. One point to think about before you purchase this vacuum is whether you may be better off with a backpack model should you opt for a gas engine. Although this unit is not particularly heavy, it may be difficult to operate as a handheld gas engine leaf blower after a period of time. Those with large yards may want to look into a backpack, but others should be happy with their purchase of the Tanaka.

WORX WG509 Electric TriVac

Another handheld corded electric model, this one comes from the brand Worx. At 12 amps, this leaf vacuum is more powerful than some of the other best electric leaf blower units on the market today. Of course, since it is electric, you don’t have to deal with some of the drawbacks of a gas engine, such as the noise and the smell. Designed to be used with just one hand, this vacuum can reach air speeds up to 210 MPH when it is being used as a blower. If you are planning on mulching the leaves into your yard down to a manageable portable size, this leaf mulcher machine is up to that task as well.

You will find that many of the past buyers of this vacuum are impressed with the power that it offers. However, that impression is usually compared to other electric mulcher blower models, which are rarely going to be as powerful as a gas engine. So, if you are looking for sheer power to move large piles of leaves quickly, electric may not be the right path for you. However, if you need to handle a modest-sized job and you are able to reach all corners of your property with an extension cord, the Worx WG509 is a solid pick with a modest price tag.

Remington RM193BVT Shredder

This 3-in-1 machine from Remington comes with all of the features you would expect from a quality blower/vacuum/shredder unit. It is a 12-amp corded electric leaf blower vacuum, which can also blow and mulch. The blower has two-speed settings so you can control the work you are doing nicely. At full speed, the blower is capable of moving air at roughly 200 MPH – which is more than enough speed for the needs of most homeowners.

For a product with a relatively modest price tag, this leaf vacuum has accumulated quite an impressive list of reviews from previous buyers. Most are happy with their purchase, especially when viewed in relation to the price of the unit. You aren’t going to be paying a premium price for this item, yet you will still receive a blower/vacuum/leaf shredder that seems to be capable of doing the job for most people.

Black & Decker LSWV36

The name Black & Decker is one that has been well-known in the home improvement/maintenance world for many years, and this entry in the leaf vacuum market is typical of their products. A battery-powered unit, the LSWV36 runs on a 40V lithium-ion battery. You can easily switch between blower mode and vacuum mode to take care of your clean-up project quickly and easily. At just a bit over five pounds, this is one of the lightest units on the market, making it an attractive choice for those with physical limitations.

There are somewhat mixed reviews that have been left for this project by previous buyers of the machine. While some feel that this unit does a nice job, others think that it is underpowered for the duty expected from a blower and leaf vacuum. This probably comes down to a problem of expectation more than anything else. With a battery-powered unit, you simply aren’t going to get the power associated with a gas engine. For small jobs, the Black & Decker is certainly capable, but you shouldn’t be planning on it to tackle a big pile of fall leaves in your garden.

Toro 51609 Ultra

A corded electric leaf vac from the trusted Toro name, this next entry on our list is one to watch. You will find that this is a well-rounded product, including all of the various accessories that you would expect to see included with this kind of machine. The unit runs at 12 amps and is capable of impressive blowing speeds up to a whopping 235 MPH. The motor speed can be varied as you work, and there are no tools required to go from blower mode to the vacuum function.

As you may expect with a product from a brand such as Toro, the reviews for this product have been largely positive to this point. The average buyer has been satisfied with what they have received, noting that the machine has enough power to do the job. There are some issues raised with the speed switch that is included in the unit, but those problems seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Overall, this is a solid leaf vacuum/blower/mulch unit which should be able to handle most residential tasks nicely.

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300

If you are planning on going the battery-powered route with your leaf vacuum purchase, you will want to check out the GreenWorks Pro GBL80300. By opting for battery power, you are going to have to spend more money than would be required for the average corded model. However, you will then have the freedom to move about your property without having to drag an extension cord along for the trip. This model is capable of running for 70 minutes on a full charge, and it can generate up to 125 MPH air speeds through the blower. And, since this is a battery-powered unit rather than one with a gas engine, you will be able to start it up with just the push of a button.

The reviews for this product are almost universally positive, with just a couple of minor complaints to be found here and there. The power of the product is seen as surprisingly positive, considering that is often a drawback of going in the battery direction. One issue that some users have found frustrating is the delay that can occur between the time the trigger is pulled and the actual performance of the machine. This probably isn’t a big issue, but it is something to keep in mind.

WORX TriVac WG505

One of the more affordable products on our list, you will likely be impressed by the variety of features that come with this Worx product. Despite its low price tag, you will see that this leaf vacuum has all three standard features (blowing, vacuuming, mulching) for this kind of machine. It is able to put out airspeeds of up to 210 MPH while blowing, thanks to the 12-amp power delivered via a cord. There is a 10-gallon leaf collection bag included with the item, so you can gather up your mulched product with ease.

Solid reviews are the order of the day for this Worx item, as it has been well-reviewed by most of the previous buyers of the unit. It seems as though this is a heavy-duty product that just does its job, without any major drawbacks or issues standing in the way. While it might not be the most-robust leaf vacuum on the market, it should be able to stand the workload for a typical residential property.

Toro 51619

When it is power that you need to handle your cleanup project, the Toro 51619 is a vacuum and blower combination that you will want to give a closer look. This machine uses corded power to drive its motor, which is capable of blowing at speeds of up to 250 MPH. That is one of the highest top speeds on our list, and that fact alone means you should consider this as an option. Also, despite that power and the respected Toro name, you can still acquire this machine for a very reasonable price.

The best word to describe the reviews which have been left for this product would be impressive. Most are highly satisfied with their purchase, with compliments ranging from the power of the blower and the mulching performance to the low cost and more. There are very few complaints to be found regarding this option, so keep it near the top of your shopping list.

GreenWorks 24322

GreenWorks offers a variety of battery-powered lawn and garden mulcher vacuum tools in its line, and this one is another entry that will be the right option for a certain type of buyer. You will get a 40V battery and charger with this blower/vacuum, meaning you will have everything you need to get started. Battery operated blowers usually don’t offer the same kind of power seen from corded models, but this one is able to get up to 185 MPH airspeed.

The blower function of this unit is appreciated by most who have purchased it previously, while there is some concern about how long the battery lasts before it needs a charge. If you have a large property that needs to be regularly cleaned up, the battery option might not be the best choice. However, for those with moderately sized properties who wish to break free from the extension cord connection, the GreenWorks 24322 should provide all of the necessary features to finish the job properly.


For the homeowner who deals with leaves once every year, having a powerful leaf vacuum/mulcher can take that annual fall chore and turn it into an easy task. You might not necessarily look forward to the job each year, but you certainly won’t dread it as you did when your only tool was a big rake. Leaf vacuums can make quick work of even a large pile of leaves, and a mulching function means you will have a much smaller pile to get rid of once you are done.

Thank you for stopping by and reviewing our buying guide for leaf vacuums. We appreciate your time, and we hope that the information above has helped to steer you in the right direction. Have fun shopping and good luck cleaning up those leaves!

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