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Reviews of The Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

Many people opt for tile floors in certain parts of their home – such as the kitchen and bathrooms – because of the way tile can deal with moist environments. However, the tile floor still requires cleaning on a periodic basis to allow them to look their best over the long run. If you have tile floors to clean in parts of your home, picking out a vacuum cleaner that is well-suited for the task would be a wise choice. Most vacuums can handle cleaning up tile floors to a certain extent, but some are better at this job than others.

To help you pick out the right vacuum for your tile floors, we have created the following buying guide. In this guide, you will see some tips on how to pick out the right vacuum for your needs, and you will also find a list of some of the top options on the market. You don’t have to invest a fortune in order to acquire a nice vacuum for tile floors, but you do need to do a bit of homework to make sure you come away with the right model. We have done much of that homework for you, and the results are found below. Let’s get going!

Vacuum for Tile Floors Buying Considerations

As you might expect, shopping for a vacuum for use on your tile floors is not all that much different from shopping for a vacuum for the rest of your house. To a large degree, a good vacuum is going to be a good vacuum – regardless of surface. However, it is important to make sure any vacuum that you are considering is going to be able to get the job done on the tile when you do have time to clean. Read through the following list of points that you will want to check on as you shop for a tile floor vacuum.

The Price

First and foremost, you need to set a budget for yourself for this purchase. Why is the budget such a big deal? Well, for one thing, vacuum cleaners can get rather expensive, so you don’t want to start shopping in a price range that is over your head. Also, it would be a waste of time to look at vacuums that are going to be too expensive for your budget, so start here and then move on. Rest assured that you can pick up a quality vacuum cleaner at a number of different price points, so you don’t necessarily have to have several hundred dollars to spend if you want something good.

Bare Floor Setting

This point should probably go without saying, but you are going to need to find a vacuum that features a bare floor setting that can be used when on ceramic tile and hardwood floors. Most vacuum cleaners, but not all, allow you to change settings as you move from carpet to tile and beyond. These settings usually alter the way the machine is operating, optimizing it for use on a bare floor. If a given vacuum cleaner does not feature this kind of setting, it is going to be relatively useless when it comes to caring for tile floors.

Plenty of Suction Power

This is a point that might seem to be a little bit counterintuitive at first. When vacuuming on a tile floor, you probably think that you really don’t need that much suction power. After all, the dirt and particles can’t hide down in the fibers as they do on the carpet, so shouldn’t this be an easy task for any vacuum? Not necessarily. While dirt and particles that are sitting on the middle of a tile will be easy to pick up, the same cannot be said for dirt caught up in the grout lines. To make sure your grout lines get as clean as possible when running the vacuum, look for a model that has impressive suction power. Of course, picking out a powerful model will not only help you when vacuuming on tile, as such a vacuum should make a nice transition to the carpet as well.

Look for a HEPA Filter

If you would like your vacuum to help clean your air as well as your tile floors, look for a model that includes a HEPA filter. Most of the high-quality models on the market today include such a filter, which will do a great job of helping to pull dust out of your air as you clean. This is a nice feature to have no matter what kind of surface you are cleaning. So, whether you are vacuuming the only tile or you are going back and forth between carpet and hard surfaces, a HEPA filter is a nice addition.

Benefits of Owning a Tile Floors Vacuum

One of the leading advantages of owning a tile floor vacuum is the ability to avoid having to sweep up so frequently. If you don’t use the best tile vacuum cleaner on your tile floors, it will probably come down to using a broom and a tray to collect the various particles and dirt that have landed on your floor through the course of the day to day life. That is a chore that most people would like to avoid, so think about adding a vacuum that can complete the task in far less time (and more effectively, as well).

As was mentioned above, owning a tile vacuum with a HEPA filter can do wonders for your air quality, which is not something that you can say for a broom. In fact, sweeping up with a broom is simply going to kick up dust and other particles that can reduce the overall quality of your air. So, instead of improving your air as you clean, you will actually be making it worse. Don’t make that mistake – use a good vacuum cleaner on your tile floors (ideally one with a HEPA filter) to clean up and clean your air all at the same time.

Top 6 – Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews

The list below includes some of the best vacuums for tile floors on the market today. If you would like to learn more about any of these products, please feel free to follow the included link to the Amazon product page.

Dyson DC25

If it is the top-of-the-line performance that you after, the Dyson DC25 is a model that you will want to look at carefully. Right of the top, it should be said that this is an expensive vacuum cleaner. One of the highest-priced in the consumer market, you are going to have to spend several hundred dollars if you would like to use this one in your home. With that said, Dyson is best known for its performance machines, and this is one of the best. With a design that works on all floor types and a built-in HEPA filter, you will be impressed by everything that you receive for your money. When weight is a concern with regard to your upcoming vacuum purchase, the DC25 is a smart pick thanks to its overall weight of just over 16 pounds.

For the lofty price tag of this Dyson vacuum, you would expect to see great reviews, and you do – from some of the past buyers. However, not everyone is on board with the quality of this vacuum, as some feel that it does not live up to expectations. Those who like their Dyson DC25 are usually enthusiastic about its quality, so there are those who are happy with what they received for their money. Given the mixed nature of the reviews, the only thing that can be said is that you need to do further research into other models to make sure you are getting your money’s worth with this investment.

Dyson DC33

The Dyson name often comes along with a lofty price tag, but the DC33 model allows you to purchase a Dyson without going too far up into the top end of the vacuum price range. The cost of the DC33 falls in line with many other quality vacuums, and yet it still includes an impressive 5-year warranty. There is a wand which reaches more than 15 feet to help you clean extremely hard to reach places, and you will appreciate the simple bagless design. As is the case with most Dyson vacuums, this model has a HEPA filter to trap allergens effectively.

Given the quality reputation of Dyson products, the reviews for this vacuum are surprisingly mixed. Plenty of buyers are willing to sing the praises of this vacuum, as it is able to handle a variety of surfaces effectively. However, there is some concern with regard to the performance of this vacuum on the thicker carpet, so keep that in mind if you have to go from your tile to throw rugs and other such surfaces. There is little doubt that this is a quality best vacuum cleaner from a respected company, but it should not necessarily be seen as perfect.

Shark Rocket PowerHead AH452

For a vacuuming experience that is customizable to your needs, the Shark Rocket Powerhead is an interesting pick. Rather than just adjusting settings as you move from tile to carpet or vice versa, you can actually change the entire brush roll to get optimum performance. This product is capable of cleaning on hard floors, area rugs, deep carpeting even removes pet hair so you are unlikely to have a surface in your home which can’t be cleaned using the Shark Rocket. As an added bonus, this is one of the least expensive units on our entire list.

It is amazing to see the reviews that have been left for this item, especially when you consider the modest price point it carries. This is one of the most well-reviewed vacuums on our list, as nearly every buyer seems to think that this vacuum lives up to its billing and then some. The Shark name is well known to anyone that watches TV infomercials from time to time, but don’t hold that against this product. Past buyers have been impressed with its performance, and it seems to deliver excellent value for the dollar.

Miele Classic C1

You don’t necessarily have to turn to an upright vacuum cleaner when you wish to vacuum your tile floors, although that is what has made up the majority of our list. This model from Miele, however, comes in the form of a canister vacuum (read more). Miele is one of the top names in the vacuum market, so you can expect a high-quality product if you go in this direction. Of course, you are going to pay for that quality, as this is among the most expensive vacuums we have included. With an ample 29.5’ operating radius and a dial to control the speed of the machine, you should have no trouble at all cleaning your tile floors properly with this unit.

Overall, the reviews of this product have been positive in nature. The vacuum is one of the best-rated on our list, which probably isn’t much of a surprise. One thing that is pointed out by some previous buyers is the fact that this vacuum cleaner requires the use of a bag – which is unlike most of the rest we have listed, which are bagless models. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just a point to keep in mind as you shop. Should you opt for the Miele Classic C1, you will need to purchase bags periodically as time goes by.

Bissell 1132A Symphony

When is a vacuum cleaner not just a vacuum cleaner? When it is also a steam mop that can be used to clean your hard floors. This Bissell model is an ‘all-in-one’ design that gives you the ability to clean thoroughly through the use of steam as well as vacuum power. Considering the fact that this machine does the job of two different machines at the same time, it should be seen as a relative bargain compared to many other units in this space.

The reviews that have been recorded for this unit are mixed in nature. It seems like many buyers are relatively happy with their purchase while finding fault with small things about this product. Although plenty of buyers state that it works well, others have issues with the quality and durability of the item. Still, this Bissell product can be a strong pick for those who have the need for a steam mop but don’t want to buy a separate product.

Shark Sonic ZZ550

The last shark vacuum on our list isn’t actually a vacuum at all. Rather, it is a unique product that is capable of cleaning both carpet and hard surfaces. Instead of buying a carpet cleaner specifically for that task alone, you can opt for this unit which is able to deal with sweeping dirty carpets, tiles as well as hardwood floors. There are cleaning solutions (learn more about this) included for the different surfaces you may need to treat, and cleaning pads come with the purchase as well.

Plenty of past buyers of this sweeper product have taken the time to leave their comments regarding its performance, and the reviews are somewhat mixed in nature. Users are not as enthusiastic about this item as some of the others on our list, but there are those who feel like it is a good investment. While it is not going to do the same thing as a vacuum cleaner on a tile floor, it does have a purpose and can fill a need if you don’t have a similar cleaner already in your home.


You don’t want to wind up with just ‘any old vacuum’ when looking for a model to clean your tile floors. The job of vacuuming up a bare floor is different than vacuuming on carpet, so you need to pick out the best vacuum for tile brand and model that can handle the task properly. While tile floors may not require the same kind of care and maintenance as carpet or even hardwood, they do need to be cleaned occasionally to keep them looking their best. Please feel free to use the information and links above to focus your search down on the model that is going to serve you best.

We appreciate your time, and we hope that the information above has aided in your search for the best vacuum for tile floors. Good luck!

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