Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Our Top Picks – Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

While a hardwood floor adds elegance and value to your home, maintaining it can be quite an overwhelming task if you don’t have a vacuum made specially designed for hardwood floors. With the right vacuum, you can easily keep your hardwood floor looking as new as ever.

Most often when people shop for an electric vacuum with high ratings and reviews, they end up with a vacuum for general cleaning purposes and not one designed for hardwood floors. If you have carpets, such all-purpose vacuums may come in handy.

But without a hardwood cleaning vacuum, you run the risk of damaging your hardwood floor. A vacuum that does not absorb dust properly or leaves behind tell-tale marks and scratches can be quite frustrating.

Shopping for a vacuum can be arduous at its best, with so many varied models and styles introduced every year. With so many choices, it becomes more important than ever to know which type of vacuum you should look for cleaning your hardwood surfaces.

From looking to save money to make your cleaning job easier there are many aspects to look for. To save you from the long, complicated, and tedious task of shopping, we have compiled this guide on the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

We have done some research to help you decide and appropriately saving you money, time, and effort. This guide will take you through the process – making your shopping a breeze. Read on to find out how you can shop easily for the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

What are the Major Aspects to Consider When Buying a Vacuum?

Choosing the Best Vacuum Type

Not all vacuums are the same. While some are effective for cleaning carpets, you have other models that are mainly for cleaning small spills on concrete or wooden floors (bagless vacuum cleaners are also available in the market). Here are some considerations on the vacuum type for hardwood floors you should look for.

Upright Vacuum: These are heavyweight vacuums with powerful suction, plenty of attachments, good filtration besides other innovative features, but the main reason not to use this model is due to the beater brushes in the main vacuum head, which may scratch your floors.

Stick Vacuum: This is a skinnier version of the upright and can be used for small and compact homes, or if you want a lightweight option to take care of simple cleaning. But it is not ideal for large homes.

Handheld Vacuum: These are mostly for cleaning smaller messes and long staircases but not for cleaning the entire house. Since hardwood floors do not need high suction, the handhelds can be used.

Canister Vacuum: This model is best for hardwood floors as it has two parts, the body, and the head, making it easy to use. The machine is not too heavy but has a strong suction power. The canister head has interchangeable parts, so you will not be using harmful brushes.

The Type of Hardwood in Your Home

Wooden floors may be the hard, coated type or soft and delicate. If you want to avoid scratching, look for a vacuum with a rubberized bottom and padding, which will help avoid scratches and is safe for hardwood floors. For floors with deep lines and grooves, high power suction is needed to clean the floor properly (Dyson vacuum for wood floors is also a good choice).

How Much Floor Space Does Your Home Have

With a large cleaning area, a heavyweight electric vacuum can tire you easily. And when you add staircases to the equation, it is best you look for a lightweight model. If it is a single storey home, a medium weight model would be ideal.

Do You Have Carpeted Floors?

If you have rugs in your home, you need to find a model that can take care of them too.

Pet Hair Cleaning

If you have pets, you need a vacuum that has special pet hair removal attachments.

What to Look for in The Filters

Multiple layer filtration and HEPA certification are important, especially if you have asthma, allergies or other ailments related to breathing.

Type of Dust, Dirt, and Messes You Deal With

Handheld types are great for touch-ups and dry spills in the kitchen, whereas the canisters are ideal for cleaning all parts of the house.

The Noise Level

While it is hard to find a silent vacuum cleaner, some have paddings to block the noise. If you have young children or reside in apartments where the noise can disturb your neighbors, going for a vacuum with less noise is ideal, but it may be expensive. Uprights are the quietest and canisters are the loudest. Smaller vacuums are less noisy, so handhelds and sticks are best if you are concerned about the noise factor.

So, What are the Features to Look for When You Shop?

We have some key features here that you can look for, instead of being distracted by the outer trimmings that are advertised the most in many models.

All-Purpose attachments

With the various considerations outlined above, you need plenty of attachments to have a clean home. A big suction head without a beater brush, attachments for crevices and edges, soft suction brush for drapes and window shades, as well as medium and small brush heads are few essentials the hardwood vacuum should have. A long extension hose is ideal for easier and effective cleaning.

Suction Power

Since hardwood floors don’t require strong suction, look for a high-quality model with less power so that it lasts longer. For untreated floors with grooves and lines, stronger suction is necessary.


Rubberized wheels and felt padding are necessary to protect your floor from scratches.


If you plan to clean the whole house with a single vacuum cleaner, a lightweight model is best to avoid damage as you carry it around.

Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Cleaner

With a vacuum cleaner made specifically for hardwood, you gain several benefits. Here are a few important benefits:

Portable and Easy to Clean

A customized hardwood cleaner makes it easy to clean any type of mess you have to deal with including dust, spillage, and dirt.

While all vacuums are built with portability, the handheld varieties are the easiest to handle. You can clean more areas and different types of places.

Multipurpose Filtration

Vacuums with special filters can be of use in more ways than one.

  • They reduce the risk of dust and dirt allergy, which is very much needed for people with breathing problems.
  • The filters also prevent the smaller but valuable household items that get sucked into the vacuum.
  • Filtration also helps to prevent damage to the machine.

Best Performance

When you buy the best hardwood vacuum for your home, you can be assured of having the right accessories and tools to thoroughly clean your entire home, besides the hardwood floors making them efficient, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Top 5 – Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a product that can be used on most hardwood floors. It is effective on hardwood and carpeted floors and is not very expensive when you consider the other products in this line.

Feature Highlights

  • The dust away accessory in this product is especially useful, as it gives sufficient suction while the pad attachment lets you pick up the dust as well as larger particles with complete ease.
  • Another outstanding feature that makes this an ideal hardwood vacuum is the powerful vacuum brush that you can switch off when you clean hardwood floors without affecting the suction power.
  • The swivel steering makes it easy to manoeuvre it around the house, so you get more control over the cleaning. It is safe to use.


Consumers find the Lift-Away Navigator ideal for hardwood and carpets. It does a bevy of other functions including cleaning pet hairs, anti-allergen seal technology, and the price is a big advantage. While some users feel that the wand and hose could be longer and that the Dust Away-feature could have been extended to cleaning carpets under furniture, the beneficial features and highly affordable vacuum more than makeup for these shortcomings.

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick

The Linx cordless from Hoover is a lightweight, upright vacuum with a motorized head brush that is easy to switch off while cleaning hardwood floors. This stick vacuum is a versatile model with powerful tech features such as cyclonic filtration and wind tunnel technology.

Feature Highlights

  • The cordless vacuum makes it easier to manoeuvre without being restricted by a cable of insufficient length.
  • The upright model has a dynamic 12 amp motor, so you have the required suction power for cleaning all the dust, dirt, and larger particles from your hardwood floor.
  • Bristles for edge cleaning are ideal for cleaning all the corners and crevices, so you can be sure of a thorough cleaning job.


Users find this vacuum cleaner ideal for hardwood floors with its powerful suction, lightweight body and turn off brush roller function. While some feel that a stair handle addition would make stair cleaning easier, the efficient cleaning, pet hair removal and convenience make this product a great candidate in the hardwood vacuum list.

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister

Of the various Miele models, this canister model scores best because of its powerful suction, effective hardwood cleaning – including edges, moldings, and stairs.

Feature Highlights

  • The extra powerful suction is an awesome feature.
  • The canister is easy to move around and you can clean the stairs effortlessly.
  • Filter bags cleaning are a breeze with this model.
  • Miele has accessories such as an upholstery tool, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush, which clean all nooks and crevices in your home effectively.


Users find the vacuum easy to use and store, and it is also remarkably quiet. The design is stylish and the high power suction requires very little pressure of the vacuum head. While some users have complained of the hose breaking easily, the Miele canister has about every other thing right, making it a versatile cleaner that works on almost everything in your home, including the furniture.

Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Hoover Hardwood vacuum is brimming with features that are just right for your hardwood floor. It is an all-in-one solution that does all the cleaning you ever want including vacuuming, washing, and drying your hardwood floors.

Feature highlights

  • Spinscrub technology provides three-in-one cleaning wizardry, so you can be free of cleaning hassles once and for all.
  • The floormate cleaner can clean hardwood, vinyl and tile floors effortlessly.
  • The two tank section keeps dirty and clean water separate, so the dirty water does not come into contact with the clean floor again.
  • The spin and scrub system ensures the scrubbing is done in all angles resulting in a thorough cleaning.


Consumers are delighted with this three-in-one hardwood cleaner as it is fast, thorough, and efficient on all types of surfaces. While some users complain of the vacuum being ineffective in pet hair removal, the scrubbing and drying give amazingly clean and shining floors that everything else dims under the bright and clean look of your home.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

This Bissell product is designed especially for floors and works effectively on hardwood floors, removes pet hair, dirt and dust with ease and is very convenient to handle.

Feature Highlights

  • The product is light in weight, but with a powerful motor resulting in easy and effective cleaning.
  • The brush head is designed to clean even the edges and nooks.
  • With no brushes or bristles under the cleaning head, you can easily get rid of pet hairs and other spills without any hassle of the hairs getting tangled.
  • The swivel head and long power cords make it easy to move the vacuum around and clean all the hard to reach places properly.


The long power cord, easy to clean dust bags, and compact design are some of the features that users find outstanding in this product. While some may find the noise too loud, the other versatile and hardwood-specific features in the product make it worth the price.


When you buy a vacuum that is designed for hardwood floors exclusively, you can avoid much of the hassles that come with a general-purpose vacuum-like inefficient cleaning, scratches, and other damage to your floor.

An inappropriate vacuum will also damage the machine. While looking for the top-rated vacuum for hardwood floors, make sure it is durable, produces less noise, is easy to use, a breeze to empty, and cleans hardwood and carpets, along with debris and pet hair, effectively.

Wrap Up

The Hoover hardwood cleaner with its vacuuming, mopping, and drying actions certainly looks a better choice if you want a sparkling clean hardwood floor, but when you look at the overall vacuuming effectiveness, including effective hardwood and carpet cleaning, filters, attachments, and performance, both Miele and Shark Navigator end up in a tie. However, the inexpensive and cheap price tag tips the scales in favor of Shark Navigator, making it the best vacuum for hardwood floors (vacuums with rechargeable battery technology are available in the market).

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