Our Hand Picked 7 Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Top 7 Picks – Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners of 2020

When you set out to pick a vacuum cleaner for your home, it might seem like your only options are an upright model or a canister model that you roll along the floor. There is a third option, however, which is usually overlooked by the typical homeowner. Backpack vacuums are simply canister models where the canister rides on your back rather than on wheels on the ground. There are several advantages to using a backpack vacuum cleaner, along with a couple of specific drawbacks. Before you go ahead and make a purchase for your next vacuum, be sure to consider at least the possibility of opting for a backpack model.

Since backpack vacuums are not nearly as popular as uprights and traditional canisters, we have put together a buying guide below to help you sort through this market. Generally speaking, backpack vacuums work in the same way as any other style of a vacuum cleaner. There are some points to watch for when buying one of these models, however, so reading through the guide below can help you come to an informed decision. We not only have put together some buying tips for you to review, but there is also a list of some of the leading best backpack vacuum cleaner options on the market.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our buying guide, and we hope you are able to find the right best backpack vacuum cleaner for you as quickly as possible!

Backpack Vacuum Buying Considerations

Even within a niche market such as shoulder backpack vacuum cleaners (also called back-mounted vacuum cleaners or shoulder carry vacuum cleaner), there is still a great degree of variance from one product to the next. You shouldn’t just pick out the first backpack vacuum cleaner that you find, as that may not be the one with the right set of features for you (and it may not be the best price, either). Instead, take a bit of time to do some homework on this market in order to make sure you find the right backpack model for your home. The points below are a great place to start your search.

Watch Your Weight

Okay, so not your weight, but the weight of the vacuum. Some of the best backpack vacuum cleaner models you will find are rather heavy, making the chore of vacuuming up your home a rather difficult experience. Since this is not likely going to be used for a commercial purpose, you probably don’t need such a robust solution. Instead, look for a shoulder backpack vacuums that are going to keep the overall weight down while still getting the job done. You should be able to easily find a listed weight for each vacuum on the market, so comparisons between models will be no trouble at all.

Assortment of Tools

A good shoulder backpack vacuum cleaner is going to come with a variety of tools that will help you to clean all of the various nooks and crannies around your home. One of the advantages of a shoulder backpack vacuum cleaner is the mobility that it provides, but that mobility isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have the tools to clean your entire home. Check out the list of tools that comes with any shoulder backpack vacuum cleaner option and make sure everything you will need is included with your purchase.

Length of the Power Cord

As mentioned above, portability is one of the main reasons that some people opt for a shoulder backpack vacuum cleaner rather than an upright or traditional canister. However, if the vacuum you choose has a power cord which is too short, you will find yourself constantly unplugging and plugging back in as you move around the house. If you live in a big home or, at least, a home with big rooms – choose a model that has a long power cord to make the use of your vacuum as simple and convenient as possible.


Backpack vacuums, just like upright models, can get expensive. They don’t have to be expensive, however, as there are plenty of affordable units on the market as well. You may choose to purchase a higher-end model if you have significant vacuuming needs, but a less expensive model may do the trick if you live in a relatively modest home. Set yourself a budget for this purchase and then compare your budget to the models that are for sale.

Benefits of Owning a Backpack Vacuum

Among the leading benefits of owning a backpack vacuum cleaner is the ability to vacuum while standing straight up and down. The use of an upright vacuum often demands that you bend over at least slightly, which can place a strain on your body as you move from room to room. With a backpack unit, you can stand straight up and use the long handle and head assembly to reach the surface that needs to be cleaned. This is a benefit that is not only enjoyed by those who have back problems, but also by anyone who wants to reduce the strain they put on their body while cleaning.

Another benefit of using a backpack vacuum is the ample size that is usually seen in the canister or bag. If you get tired of emptying your vacuum multiple times throughout the course of your cleaning process, consider opting for a backpack model. You should find that it is not necessary to empty the canister as frequently, meaning your overall time spent cleaning will be reduced.

Best Backpack Vacuum Product Reviews

We have listed below a number of the top backpack vacuum cleaner models on the market. Before you make any purchase, we recommend you review this list to get a good idea of what types of products are available, and at what prices. To learn more about any one of these products, please take a moment to follow the included link to the Amazon product page.

Oreck SLPRO6A 6 qt.

This model from Oreck is a commercial unit that could also be used inside the home – particularly if you have a large home to keep clean. Some of the highlights of this product include a 50-foot cord, a 2-year warranty, a 6-quart filtration bag, and 120V of power. The price of this product falls in line with many of the other backpack vacuums on the market. For a relatively standard backpack vacuum with ample capacity, this Oreck model is one to consider closely.

Unfortunately, there is very little to work from in terms of comments from past buyers. That means you won’t be able to pick up on the positives of this unit based on the experience of others, but you can also be happy not to find much in the way of complaints. People are often compelled to leave reviews when they are dissatisfied with a purchase, so the lack of notable complaints can be seen as something of an endorsement.

ProTeam ProVac FS 6

Offered by ProTeam, this ProVac product is an entire kit that includes the backpack vacuum along with a number of attachments and other essentials to get the job done around your home. This is a 6-quart unit, it can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including carpets and hardwood floors, and you can even choose to add a HEPA filter if you wish. As is common with backpack vacuums, this model includes a 50-foot power cord. Often available for just under $400, this backpack vac

uum comes in at around the same price as many of our other listed options.

The reviews for this product are largely excellent. Most of the previous buyers are impressed with the performance of the ProVac, with specific comments regarding the power of the unit, the ease of use, and the ability to clean tricky spots such as stairs. It should be noted that this is another backpack model which is aimed mostly at commercial applications. With that said, there is no reason why you couldn’t use it to clean in your home, especially if you have a large home with plenty of big, open spaces to vacuum.

Hoover Commercial C2401

Our next vacuum comes from a brand that is one of the long-standing, trusted names in this business. The Hoover Commercial C2401 is a backpack unit which is capable of holding up to 6.4 quarts of debris. It includes a clear domed lid on the top of the canister, a HEPA filtration system, a design that has been approved by chiropractors, and a total weight of less than 10 pounds. When you add in the fact that this is one of the most affordable backpack vacuums on our list, it is easy to see why many previous buyers have gone in this direction with their purchase.

The power of this vacuum is one of the top compliments that you will find when checking out the reviews which have been left by previous buyers. In addition, buyers also appreciate how well this vacuum works on stairs, how it cleans up after pets, and how it offers the convenience of a backpack model without a heavy overall weight. There is a lot to like about this offering from Hoover, and very little to count against it when looking for complaints. If you decide to purchase the C2401, you will likely be quite happy with the product you receive.

Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series (1868434)

When you have a serious cleaning job at hand, the large Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series backpack vacuum may be the right pick for your needs. This model has an impressive 10-quart capacity, which is one of the largest you are going to find. Despite its size and power, this vacuum actually operates at a relatively low noise level. It includes a number of attachments for your use including a crevice tool, a floor tool, a dusting brush, and more. While the 40-foot power cord that comes with this unit is long enough for many jobs, it comes up short of the 50-feet that is included with some of the other offerings on our list.

You will find that most of the past buyers of this vacuum are impressed with the quality of the product. The power of the vacuum is among the top compliments, as is the quality and durability of the unit as a whole. The size of the vacuum is a minor concern for some, but that really shouldn’t be an issue as you will know just how big it is before you place your order. Should you decide that a 10-quart model is too large for your needs, you will obviously want to look elsewhere. However, if a large backpack carry vacuum model is what you need, the Rubbermaid deserves your attention.

ProTeam Super CoachVac HEPA

The ProTeam brand is a popular one within the world of commercial vacuum cleaners, so you should pay attention to any model bearing this name. In this case, you will find a large 10-quart backpack vacuum which includes a two-piece and and a variety of attachments. As is the case with the best commercial backpack vacuums, you will need to use bags with this model. Although this model seems to be best suited for large, open spaces, it could be used in the home – particularly if you have a large home with big rooms.

Even when compared to some of the other top products on our list, the reviews for this vacuum standout for their positive nature. Most buyers are extremely happy with their purchase, stating that this unit works as expected. The backpack might be a little bit big for smaller individuals due to its sizable canister, but other than that, there is little to say in a negative manner. Considering the fact that you can pick up this respected product for a price that is right in line with other models on the market, it is safe to say that the Super CoachVac HEPA is one that should move right to the top of your list.

Sanitaire EURSC412B

If you are looking for an affordable model that can still deliver performance along a similar line to the top options on the market, you may want to take a close look at the Sanitaire. This is one of the lowest-priced models we have listed, which is reason enough to give it some consideration. When you review the features included with this model, you will see it has a modest lightweight at 11.5 pounds, a HEPA filter, a 2-year warranty, and a 50-foot long power cord. The capacity of this backpack vacuum is 6-quarts, which is relatively standard in the market.

As tends to be the case when you look for a product with a modest price tag, you are going to find somewhat mixed reviews for this item. On the plus side, there are plenty of buyers who are satisfied with their purchase. Those users feel that the vacuum has a powerful motor, which is plenty capable of getting the job done in most situations. However, others question the quality of the build on this machine. The Sanitaire should be seen as a viable option when the budget is the primary concern, but it is not to be mistaken for some of the top-rated lightweight backpack vacuums in this market.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum 105896

Another entry from the popular ProTeam line, this model actually can function both as a blower and as a vacuum. The build of the backpack itself is designed to help you carry the product with ease, and there is a filtration system built in to the vacuum to help capture even microscopic particles. As is often the case with products from ProTeam, this unit comes with plenty of features and tools despite having a price that is in the same neighborhood as lesser machines. ProTeam vacuums are extremely well-respected by commercial buyers, and it is not hard to see why.

When reviewing the comments of past buyers of this vacuum, there seems to be little doubt regarding the quality of the vacuum. ProTeam is known for making good vacuum units, and this machine appears to fall in that line nicely. The only question about the 105896 seems to come in regard to its size. This is a big vacuum cleaner/blower combination, and it may be too big for some users. Or, if you need to move in and out of tight spaces as you clean, you might find the vacuum to be rather cumbersome. Otherwise, for any application where that ample size is not an issue, there is a lot to like about picking the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum 105896.


A backpack vacuum is not going to be the right choice for every homeowner or every vacuum shopper. They are a great pick in certain situations; however, so don’t completely overlook the possibility of going in this direction. If the advantages provided by a backpack vacuum match up with the needs that you have for cleaning around your home, this style of back vacuum machine just might be the way to go.

We appreciate your visit, and hope you come away with the perfect vacuum for your home!

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