How to Find The Best Upholstery Cleaners

How to Find The Best Upholstery Cleaners in 2021

Using the right cleaning agent is a big part of the battle against stains. When you have a stain land on a piece of upholstery in your home, you need to act quickly before the stain sets into the fabrics. One of the best things you can do is to have a quality upholstery cleaner on hand and ready to go. By keeping such a product in a specific cabinet where you can access it quickly (but where it is out of the reach of kids), you should be able to limit the damage caused by even the nastiest of spills.

Unlike some of the other purchases you need to make to care for your home, this one is not going to set you back a significant amount of money. Most upholstery cleaning products are only going to cost a few dollars, and you shouldn’t have to buy them very frequently, either. However, even those are relatively low cost, you still want to make sure you are choosing the best upholstery cleaner for your needs. In the buying guide that follows, we have outlined some of the best upholstery cleaners on the market today, along with some points for how to pick out the right product and what to use to clean upholstery. As long as you take a moment to read through this guide before making a purchase, you should come away with a cleaner solution that has the capability of getting the job done time after time.

Upholstery Cleaner Buying Considerations

At first glance, it might seem like all good upholstery cleaning products are pretty much the same. Their bottles or cans usually look pretty similar, and they are all designed to do generally the same job. However, when you start to look at the finer details, you will see that there are important differences between the various products on the market today. To get the right cleaner for your specific needs, you need to take the time to sort through the field of options. Following is a list of points that you should be watching for as you shop.

Application Process

Some upholstery cleaners come out of the can in foam form, while others are a simple liquid spray that is meant to be wiped off of the surface in question. There really isn’t a ‘better’ option in this case, but you should think about which is likely to be more useful to you. A spray-on foam may be better for extracting dirt and grime which has been in place for a long time. While a liquid solution might be best to quickly deal with spills just after they happen. Of course, no matter what kind of application method you select, it is important to make sure that the cleaner is designed for the materials that are to be cleaned.

Target Surfaces

Continuing on from that previous sentence, it is essential that you pick an upholstery cleaner which is meant for the kinds of surfaces and materials that you have in your home. For instance, if you have things like rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture like a couch/sofa, and more, you need to make sure you have a cleaner that is capable of dealing with all of those items. In fact, it may be necessary to keep a couple of cleaners on hand in order to address the variety of materials that could have to be cleaned in your home.

Automotive Use

Some upholstery cleaning products are meant for use in your car as well as your home, which is a nice bonus that will allow you to get more use from the product after your purchase. Of course, you will need to consider what kind of materials are used in your car, as you likely won’t be able to use the same product on leather seats that you could use on cloth seats. If you are unable to find a product that is going to cover your needs both in the home and in your car, the best option may be to go with separate cleaners for those two different environments.

Scrubbing Cap

This last point is another one that is not of huge importance, but it is something to keep in mind. If you are buying a cleaner that needs to be worked into the upholstery after it is applied, consider looking for one that includes a scrubbing cap. This type of cap will allow you to quickly and easily move the cleaning solution into the upholstery without having to purchase another tool. Caution does need to be exercised here, however, as some of the scrubbing caps you will find are rather harsh in nature. Only use the scrubbing cap if you are sure it is not going to do damage to the material being treated.

Benefits of Owning an Upholstery Cleaner

The obvious benefit of purchasing an upholstery cleaner is the ability to keep your upholstered items as clean as possible for years to come. These are likely some of the most expensive things in your home, so spending a little money on a good furniture cleaner is an investment that can pay off in a big way. You don’t want to have to replace a couch, for example, any sooner than necessary, so employ a good cleaner to keep your couch looking great.

In addition to the benefit of removing stains from upholstery, many cleaners also do a great job of taking odors out of fabric as well. Allowing an odor to set into a piece of fabric can be just as bad – or even worse – than a visual stain, so don’t take this benefit for granted. Find an upholstery cleaner that is able to target smells as well so you can keep your items fresh for as long as possible.

Top 7 – Best Upholstery Cleaner

For a quick look at some of the top-rated upholstery cleaners on the market today, please check out the list below. Additional information on these products can be accessed by using the provided link to the Amazon sales page.

Bissell Woolite 14oz

The name Woolite has long been associated with cleaning products, so you can start with a degree of confidence when you purchase this product. This upholstery cleaner has a Scotch Gard protector included in the formula, along with a fabric refresher which can help to restore a pleasant scent to your space. You not only want to clean up upholstery after a spill from a visual standpoint, but you want to protect against the development of any nasty odors as well. With this Bissell fabric cleaner product, you should be able to do both at the same time.

So how do past buyers feel about the performance of this cleaner? For the most part, they are very impressed. Many users state that the product does a great job of cleaning up when pets are around the house and a great sofa/couch cleaning product, so keep this option in mind if that is a concern for you. It is hard to go wrong when picking a trusted name within a certain market, and you will be doing just that when you opt for Woolite.

Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaners 22oz

This carpet cleaning product from Resolve is designed to not only help you clean up current stains and discolorations, but also to help you prevent future damage. It is claimed that this product will help you pick up three times as much dirt as you could capture from vacuuming alone. Offered in a citrus scent, you should find that your carpets smell better than ever before when you put this product to work inside your home. With a price that is right in line with most of the other upholstery cleaners, this Resolve cleaner is a strong contender for your business.

Safe to say, past buyers of this product love the performance that they have received. With a simple product such as an upholstery cleaner, there really isn’t much to say other than ‘it works’, or ‘it doesn’t. In this case, most feel that the product works beautifully, as it offers an enjoyable scent and does a good job of helping to bring stains up out of carpeting. To give your carpets the best possible chance to smell and look great, consider adding Resolve to your cleaning process.

Bissell 14Q7 Crud Suds 12oz

If you are a pet owner, you already know that pets can leave nasty stains around your home – so having a strong upholstery cleaner on hand is a great decision. This option from Bissell is one that has specifically been designed to deal with pet stains. Whether it is urine, feces, mud, or anything else that your pets might track through your home, this foaming cleanser can be your first step toward recovery. This is one of the more expensive upholstery cleaners on the market, but it is meant to do a particularly dirty and difficult job.

Even with its relatively high price, this cleaning product has received excellent reviews from previous buyers. Most are happy with the product that has received for their investment, as they feel that is does a great job of cleaning up after pets – or dealing with other stains that happen from time to time. Not only are users happy with the product’s ability to remove visible stains, but they are also impressed with the job that it does on odor. For anyone who has trouble dealing with the damage that pets can do around the house, this option from Bissell is a definite contender.

Blue Magic 914 Heavy Foam Upholstery Cleaner 22oz

With a word like ‘magic’ right there in the title, you will probably expect impressive performance from this upholstery cleaner. This is one of the more affordable options on the market, yet it offers features that are seen in most of the other choices on our list. This is a heavy foaming product, and there is a scrubber built into the cap of the canister. Useful for both cleaning up stains and simply brightening upholstery that has dimmed over the years, you are likely to find plenty of applications for this product all-around your home.

Unfortunately, the reviews for this cleaner are not as positive as those seen on other options on our list. While there are some happy customers who have felt like this product performed successfully, many others were let down by its performance. If you are looking for a lower-cost option with a scrubber cap built-in, this cleaner may be one to watch. However, there are plenty of other options, so do your homework before making a final choice.

Mothers 05424 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 24oz

Mothers is a popular name in automotive cleaning supplies, and it is seen here as a strong contender on our list as well. This water-based upholstery cleaner comes in a spray-on bottle, meaning it is environmentally safe to use and it is easy to apply. Useful both in your home and in your car, you will get your money’s worth from this product simply thanks to the number of areas where it can be used. In terms of price, this cleaner is right in line with many of the other options we have presented.

As you would expect from a product bearing the Mothers brand name, most buyers have been extremely happy with the performance that they get from this item. Most people seem to be using it as an automotive interior cleaner, which is not surprising, but it seems to offer nice performance inside the home as well. You might not think to look in the automotive section for supplies to clean your home sofa/couch, but this handy bottled cleaner is more than capable of pulling double duty.

Eco Touch (CUC24) 24oz

It is important to keep your home as clean as possible, but unfortunately, some cleaners contain ingredients that are particularly harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are better options for those who like to be as eco-friendly as possible, such as this soy-based solvent Eco Touch upholstery cleaner. This bottled cleaner is free of VOCs, fragrances, and dyes, yet it can be used on various surfaces around your home. Simply spray this upholstery cleaner on the targeted spot and then wipe dry – you will likely be thrilled with the outcome after just a quick treatment.

Buyers of this product are largely impressed with its performance, stating that it can clean nicely without using harsh chemicals. One of the benefits you may notice of opting for this cleaner is the lack of a chemical smell that can come along with some other upholstery cleaning formulas. Whether you are concerned with your impact on the environment or just want to avoid chemicals for your own personal benefit, the Eco Touch cleaner is a product to check out for yourself.

Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner

This upholstery cleaner from Blue Coral is a nice all-around option. It has a scrubber cap, and a powerful aerosol that can dispense the cleaning agent, and the ability to remove stains such as tar, coffee, ink, and more on most fabrics. The cleaner is slightly more affordable than some of the others we have listed, so this is one that is worth a closer look before you make any purchase.

Those who have previously used this cleaner are mostly happy with its performance on various fabric surfaces. It is hard to find many complaints about how this cleaner works. Most feel it is easy enough to use, it does a good job of taking away smells, and it lifts stains out impressively. While this upholstery cleaner might not have others’ name recognition on the list, do not overlook what it can do for you and your cleaning needs.


The nice thing about purchasing an upholstery cleaner is this – since you are almost certainly spending less than $10, it really isn’t a big deal if you make the wrong pick. However, with that said, there is no reason to end up with the wrong product, as long as you do some homework before you buy. With the information included in this guide, along with the list of the top recommended upholstery cleaner, you should be able to settle on a great upholstery cleaner in no time at all.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and we hope the information provided above has been helpful in your search. Good luck!

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