WORX Electric Blower/Vacuum Review

dry leavesWorx Electric Blower/Vacuum is a versatile tool that can work as a blower, vacuum or mulcher with just a flip of a button. The innovative design eliminates the use of different tubes for the various tasks, allowing you to effectively blow debris off and immediately switch to vacuuming mode to clean up dry leaves in a few seconds.

The tool has ergonomic features including a comfortable handle and angled nose that make it convenient while operating the tool. The powerful motor of 12 amps is as effective as the gasoline powered blowers.

Competent Electric Motor

The Worx Trivac blower has a powerful motor that operates at 70 decibels, so users need not worry about noise pollution. Furthermore, the motor has an environment friendly zero emission design. The power packed motor operates at a 210 miles per hour air speed in blower mode, which is sufficient enough to clear even wet and heavy debris.

If the airflow is too strong, the air regulator function can be used to reduce the flow, especially while working near delicate plants. In vacuum mode, the motor converts dry leaves to mulch quickly – giving good ground cover or compost piles. The motor has a mulch ratio of 10:1 enabling use in large jobs.

Smart and Robust features

The Worx electric blower is imbibed with several smart features such as the angled tube that enables easy reach under furniture, vehicles and equipment in your garage or yard. The bag for debris collection is designed for easy emptying and made of nylon fabric that is breathable to allow free airflow.

Worx guarantees simple, yet efficient cleaning. To clear away debris clogged in impeller housing, you simply need to use a button to open it. ABS plastic is used for the construction, making it a robust blower that can withstand day to day use resiliently.

Features and Specifications

  • Worx electric blower with vacuum and mulch features is an effective substitute for blowers powered by gasoline.
  • The blower works fast clearing debris in a few minutes.
  • The angulated tube enables easy access under storm drains or bushes.
  • The lightweight model helps to use the blower single handedly for vacuuming and blowing.
  • Firm grip design of handle is ergonomic and helps in maximum control and comfort.
  • The blower weighs 13.4 pounds.
  • Blow speed of the tool is 210 mph, while its vacuum capacity is 350 cfm. The capacity of the collection bag is 1.5 bushels.
  • The motor has rated power of 12 amp and voltage of 120V.

What Customers Are Saying

The versatile blower ability of switching modes instantly and without any hassle is a feature that most consumers find favorable in the Worx. The machine deals with all kinds of debris with equal power rendering an otherwise difficult task a breeze to do. Whether you are clearing the lawn of leaves or vacuuming the garden of debris, the blower performs admirably.

The blower received mostly good reviews with only a few minor drawbacks, such as a thin collector bag strap. This may hurt you after a while. For short to medium sessions, there is no issue whatsoever with the strap.

The Worx versatile electric blower is a product I would confidently recommend, as it provides the best features in a compact and convenient package.

affordable priceWho Should Buy This Product?

For users who want a multi purpose blower with efficient features and no worries about recharging or changing oil or gas and at an affordable price (read more) , the Worx blower is a good choice. It is also ideal for users who do not have ample space for storage. When compared to its competitors, it provides a wide range of features at a reasonable price.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

For users who have a huge area to clear and those who want a separate blower and vacuum tool for dedicated cleaning of debris, this product may not be an ideal one, as it lacks a proper extension cord feature. The blower is also lacking in usability features such as an inbuilt scraper, which can make cleaning of the impeller blade easier.


Worx electric blower is an efficient gardening tool that has an excellent leaf blowing mechanism. The high power motor, robust air speed and sturdy metal structure make the product a most favored one. With no worries about fuel refill or battery recharge, the Worx electric blower is an excellent product for yard maintenance with its high blowing range and air speed that compensate for the lack of usability features.

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