Ways to Restore Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors can lose their finish and become dullOver time, hardwood floors can lose their finish and become dull. As soon as you realize that your floor becomes dull, it is necessary to restore and refinish them. A refinished hardwood floor can make your home look more beautiful and it increases its overall value. Therefore, you must coat your hardwood floors with a new and clean finish. For this, you just need to follow some simple steps to get an envious hardwood floor.

1. Prepare for refinish

First of all, you need to prepare your hardwood floor for refinish. This requires you to remove any carpet from the area. You can cut and then roll the carpet in sections, so that you can easily carry it out. Then, if there are any protruding nail heads on your hardwood floor, hammer them down.

Clean and remove tack stripping if it is present along the edges of your hardwood floor, so that you can clean and finish those areas as well. You can clean your hardwood floor with a mop or vacuum cleaner, which will remove years of grit and dust before you polish your hardwood floor.

2. Sanding

Now you need to remove the old polish of the hardwood floor through sanding. Sanding can buff up any worn, scratched, or old wood. Prepare the perimeter of your hardwood floor by sanding it with your hand or palm using coarse sandpaper.

You can make use of a floor sander in order to sand the areas that were not cleaned by hand. You can rent a sander for this job, as it is a faster, healthier, and cheaper method. Plus, it gives better results. Make sure that you save the sawdust that is produced through sanding.

3. Put on the new finish

When you start putting on the new polish, you must first plug the remaining holes with wood plugs or wood paste. Make sure that you clean up or vacuum any debris on your hardwood floor before you start putting on the polish.

Apply the finish or stain that you choose evenly on your hardwood floor. Now wait for the polish to dry. If you want to deepen the finish, you can apply one more coat of finish. After the second coat dries, you can coat the hardwood floor with polyurethane.

This is how you can restore your hardwood floor. Use these steps and see how your hardwood floor looks new and beautiful again. Allow about two weeks for the floor to dry before you put down a rug on it.

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