The Reasons Why I Love My Shark Stick Vacuum

clean houseEveryone wants a clean house, so they buy a nice vacuum cleaner. When deciding to buy the right vacuum for their house, consumers perform endless searches on the internet, read store catalogs, and go through customer reviews. When they find one, they buy it. This way they keep their house clean without any stains or spots.

Just like other people, I too purchased a vacuum cleaner to clean my house, namely a Shark stick vacuum. This amazing vacuum cleaner combines beauty, effectiveness, and power. Some of the features that I love in my Shark stick vacuum are listed below. The full name of this vacuum cleaner is Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106).

1. Versatile

The Shark stick vacuum is a very versatile machine, as it can clean both bare floors as well as carpeted floors easily and quickly. This machine has two speed settings, in addition to a strong suction power. It also features a motorized brush that easily lifts and pulls out deep-seated dirt and pet hairs from carpeted areas, which makes it a perfect pet vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the Shark stick vacuum has a turbo brush and crevice tool, which makes it more optimal to clean a lot of different surfaces.

2. Cordless

The Shark stick vacuum cleaner is cordless, which makes it easy and quick to clean my house. A cordless vacuum (read our buyers guide) does not limit or tether you to a small cleaning radius as well as eliminates the tripping risk that comes from corded vacuum cleaners.

Without cords, vacuum cleaners give you more capability and maneuverability to clean bigger areas, as they do not completely rely on power outlets. This means you can basically clean every area in your house with the Shark stick vacuum.

3. Compact and lightweight

The Shark stick vacuum weighs only 10.1 pounds, which makes it very lightweight. However, its lightweight does not lower its caliber. Moreover, the machine is 9.8 by 10.5 by 24.1 inches in size, which is very small. Owing to the lightweight and compact nature of the Shark stick vacuum, it is ideal for small messes and quick cleaning jobs.

4. Maneuverability and portability

Besides being compact and lightweight, the Shark stick vacuum boasts a swivel steering, which makes it easy to move around. This is why the Shark stick vacuum is perfect for cleaning under furniture and other hard to reach spots.

These are some of the reasons why I love my Shark stick vacuum.

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