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electrical cordCatering to both professionals and homeowners, the Tanaka Handheld Blower is a lightweight but powerful blower that has several beneficial features. It is easy and quick to start and it possesses a high throttle lever that makes operation easier. It is a blower that can adapt well to both small and large clean-up jobs with its salient features.

The gas-powered blower needs an oil and gas blend to work optimally, in contrast to the electrical cord or battery operated models that are seen in the market. This special design makes the blower more portable, which is a must for cleaning up a large area and the light weight ensures you can maneuver it easily into corners and difficult to reach places in your yard, lawn or garden.

Potent blower

Top quality blowers are usually offered with several additional features to make the work effective and efficient. Different settings of speed, vacuum attachments etc. are usually present. However, the Tanaka blower stands out with its blower that retains a powerful capacity despite having only a single setting. It does not have any additional attachments or vacuum features. The high power of the blower can be felt in the high decibels it reaches, which touches up to 96.7. So, wearing the appropriate ear protection is necessary while operating the blower.

Generous warranty

The product is backed by a substantial warranty period. Seven years warranty is provided for homeowners, while commercial users are guaranteed a two year warranty.

Additionally, the product also has a great support and help service via email and phone. This enables users to contact the company representative in case of a problem or query regarding the product. The support team will have it solved quickly and successfully.

Features and Specifications

  • Good reliability and performance is provided by the commercial grade engine, which is a two stroke model with a capacity of 23.9cc.
  • The 441FCM air volume capacity in the blower is the best in the class, ensuring you finish the cleaning job at a faster pace.
  • Working with the blower is convenient, mainly due to its lightweight body. Despite weighing just 8.6 pounds, the blower is well-balanced, hence users don’t get too tired while operating it.
  • The blower has an air velocity of about 170 miles per hour when using the taper nozzle.
  • The dimensions of the product are 11 inches x 17.3 inches x 15 inches.

What Customers Are Saying

The Tanaka handheld blower is a great product with a high quality build. The carburetor is made of top quality aluminum and the blower tip has a long nozzle with the tip fanned outward for more blower power. The motor power is capable of handling all kinds of blowing operations for both big and small gardens.

Customers are delighted with the blower power, which saves time on raking and sweeping. The simple single speed setting and no additional attachments or features make the blower easier to handle.

A few users had found the blower’s pull start mechanism difficult to handle. Some users had to make three or four attempts to get the blower started. However the other features of the product namely its powerful motor, gas-oil combo fuel and top quality build and design make the drawbacks seem negligible.

I would recommend this blower for big and small gardens alike, mainly due to the high power and reliable brand not to mention the long warranty span.

Who Should Buy This Product?

For users who are in search of a leaf blower with minimal trimmings and no fuss whatsoever, the Tanaka handheld blower is a perfect choice. The two piece product is easy to take apart and store. The blower has a simple mechanism and smooth running motor making it a good buy.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

good buyFor users who need a thorough clean-up that the vacuum feature and other attachments in several of the blower models provide, this is not an ideal blower to purchase. This product is mainly for those in need of a quick clean up and minimal fuss usage. Using the blower for big stretches can become tiresome, as it does not possess an anti-vibration feature.


This handheld blower from Tanaka is a product that is of immense use to the routine garden clean-up tasks. Whether it is cleaning the gutters, blowing mowed grass, raking leaves or a thorough spring cleaning of your yard, this tool is a reliable one to own. The lightweight model with its powerful motor, efficient design and sturdy build is ideal for commercial and home users.

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