How to Steam Clean Your Carpet

professional carpet cleaning servicesYou do not want to spoil your carpet by cleaning it the wrong way. Therefore, you rely on professional carpet cleaning services, because you think that they can clean your carpet better than you – without spoiling it. However, contrary to this belief, you can clean your carpet if you use the correct method, the right techniques and equipment. Have a look at the below mentioned steps that can help you steam clean your carpet and enhance its beauty for the long term.

Prepare For Steam Cleaning

  • First of all, you need to prepare your carpet for steam cleaning. For this, you need to first buy a portable steam cleaner. You can shop around on the internet to find the one that suits you the best within your budget. Make sure that the steam cleaner you choose removes a sufficient amount of water, so that it can dry within 12 hours.
  • Besides this, you will also need a small amount of carpet cleaning solution. Make sure that it has a pH of below 10, so that it does not damage the fibers of the carpet.
  • Remove all the furniture and other objects from your room before you start cleaning. This will make it easy and quick for you to clean your carpet and to see dirt in areas with high traffic.

Using The Steam Cleaner

  • After you have done all the preparations for the cleaning process, you can start to steam clean your carpet. For this, you first need to fill the water container of your steam cleaner with hot water.
  • Add the carpet cleaning solution to it as per the directions of the manufacturer.
  • Next, start cleaning the carpet from the area that is farthest from the doorway and clean it in a backwards motion. This will ensure that you do not walk on the cleaned carpet.
  • Clean the same area several times, so that you can extract all the carpet cleaning solution from it.
  • Then, you have to rinse the cleaning solution entirely using plain water. This is because the cleaning solution attracts more soil particles, even after steam cleaning, if it is left in the carpet.
  • When you have completed the cleaning process, turn on all the fans and air conditioner in your house in order to dry your carpet quickly. If you have a dehumidifier, turn that on too.

This is how you can steam clean your carpet the right way. Follow these steps and see how your carpet transforms and looks beautiful again.

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