Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Review

Not able to decide whether to buy or rent a carpet cleaner? Let me make your decision easy by introducing the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaning machine to you. This carpet cleaner comes with the option to buy or rent, depending on your preferences as well as budget.

a carpetIf you do not have much storage space for a carpet cleaner or if you have a tight budget, then you can simply rent this carpet cleaner. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaner is a convenient option to clean your carpets. The rental option of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro comes in red and the buying option is offered in the color blue.

Three phase suction and scrub power

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has three phases of cleaning power. In the first phase, the machine injects strong jets of the cleaning solution into the fibers of the carpet. In the second phase, the 10 inch dual brush system of the device rotates as well as vibrates in order to scrub away all the dirt from the carpet threads. In the third phase, the 1.74 hp motor delivers a strong airflow via its 10.8 inch wide nozzle in order to pull all the loose grime from the carpet.

High tank capacity

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has two separate tanks. The clean water tank of this machine is built in at the cleaner’s bottom and accommodates 3 gallons of cleaning solution. This clean water tank can be filled in your shower or with a bucket. The dirty water tank has a capacity of 3.9 gallons. The high tank capacity of this carpet cleaner allows users to clean more and fill up less.

Features and Specifications

  • The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has a three phase cleaning process, which effectively cleans dirt from the carpet and removes 80 per cent of the water afterwards.
  • It works on 120 volts and consumes 11 amps. It is recommended to plug this machine in a grounded outlet as its power cord has a grounding conductor, apart from the regular plug.
  • This appliance has two separate tanks – one for clean water and the other for dirty water. The clean water tank is at the cleaner’s bottom and has a capacity of 3 gallons. Users can fill it using a shower or bucket. The dirty water tank has a capacity of 3.9 gallons.
  • Owing to the high tank capacity of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro, users can clean more with less refilling.
  • This carpet cleaner incorporates a dome filter that is situated above the recovery tank. It uses regular foam filter to filter the expelled air from the vacuuming circuit.

What Customers Are Saying

their carpetCustomers say that with this carpet cleaner, they get more time cleaning their carpet, as it has a high tank capacity. This means that they have to refill it less frequently. However, some customers say that it took them some passes to learn how to maneuver this machine. They say that this is because the device cleans and extracts just on the backward store, which makes it hard to move it around the house.

However, the cleaning performance of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro makes up for this lack. Due to the high cleaning performance of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro, I recommend it to everyone. It picks up a considerable amount of dirt and works well on areas with high traffic.

Who Should Buy This Product?

People who want to effectively clean their carpets, should buy the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro as it delivers a professional standard cleaning with its three phase cleaning process. Moreover, people who have a big house can also buy this carpet cleaner as it has a high tank capacity, which makes it easy and quick for users to clean a big house.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

People who want a lightweight carpet cleaner should not opt for this one, as it is a bit heavy, especially when its tank is full. Moreover, if you just want to clean occasional spills on your carpet, then also you should not go for this product as it is made for everyday high level cleaning.


The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is a great carpet cleaner, since it picks up most of the dirt and extracts nearly half of the water from the carpet. Plus, it has easy to use controls, which are simple to understand. It comes with a manual that is accurate and complete.

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