Remington RM193BVT Review

yard or gardenThe Remington RM193BVT is a shredder that serves as blower and vacuum – making it a perfect cleanup tool for any patio, yard or garden. The innovative design features in the three-in-one tool include anti-clog technology, high power suction and dual blades.

The shredder blades are coated with titanium and are effective in mulching debris and wet leaves effortlessly. Remington RM193BVT has a robust 12 amp motor with an air speed of 200 miles per hour and a shredding mulch ratio of 14:1. To top it all, the manufacturer offers a two years warranty.

Impressive three-in-one-action

Remington RM193BVT is a tool that performs impressively in all three modes namely to blow, to vacuum, and to mulch. The machine does an awesome job of blowing away, sucking up and shredding debris from all nooks and crannies in your yard, garden or patio. The high air speed ensures all leaves are blasted off from the driveway or patio and the vacuum effectively cleans up all crevices and hard surfaces. The titanium-coated shredder blades chip and chew the debris – converting them to pulverized mulch for a smooth garden surface covering.

Powerful motor

The 12 amp electrically powered motor that offers air speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour and 350 cfm air volume helps in a thorough cleanup of the yard at high speed and with a focused airstream. Whether it is blowing off leaves and debris from your walkway, driveway or patio or sucking up debris from the lawn, the motor puts up a powerful performance. The 14:1 mulch ratio enables reducing a huge amount of debris, so you can bring down 14 bags full of debris to a single bag by the strong and durable impeller blades.

Features and Specifications

  • The blower, mulcher and vacuum design helps to meet all the landscaping requirements you may have.
  • The conversion to vacuum mode from the blower is tool-less and convenient.
  • Mulching ratio of 14:1 reduces debris collected to a manageable amount.
  • Blower works in two speeds, namely a high and low speed. Additionally a cruise control feature is also present.
  • Impeller blades are coated with titanium for added efficacy and rust-free use.
  • Cord disconnection while operating is prevented by the cord lock feature.
  • Two year warranty period is provided by the manufacturer.
  • The product dimensions include 11.78 inches x 12.3 inches x 22.92 inches
  • The three-in-one Remington garden tool weighs 9.1 pounds.
  • Collection bag is easy to use.

What Customers Are Saying

The blower and vacuum features are liked by several customers who mention that the blower power and vacuum suction are amazing. The vacuum does not leave any debris behind and deftly sucks up leaves under small rocks without disturbing the rocks.

A few customers have stated that switching from vacuum mode to blower or vice versa is a bit tedious and requires more strength. However, the position of the handle are quite good, as a few users have mentioned, so it obviously gets easier after a few attempts.

I would readily recommend this vacuum as it has the necessary attachments, is made of top quality material and works at a high speed – making quick work of cleaning up the yard.

Who Should Buy This Product?

For homeowners who have a huge yard to cover with tons of leaves scattered all around this three-in-one Remington shredder is an ideal tool. The power is more than adequate to take care of large cleaning jobs including blowing wet and dry leaves and debris, vacuuming them and shredding the leaves. If the extension cord fits the yard length this would be a great addition to the property.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If you do not want the hassles of switching over from one mode to another and want a dedicated blower, vacuum or mulcher, this is not the tool to consider. Further, if the leaves in your yard are larger than the vacuum nozzle they will not be picked up.


Remington RM193BVT combines three huge but essential landscaping tasks into a single package and fires it up with a 12 amp motor of 200 mph airspeed and 350 cfm air volume. The power-packed performance enables a fast cleanup job in the yard – whether it is wet or dry debris that is scattered around. The convenient handle positions for blower and vacuum, separate vacuum kit and easy collection bag are other features that add to the efficacy of the product, making it a good purchase to consider.

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