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A vacuum cleanerA vacuum cleaner is designed to suck dirt, grime and dust from any surface. With a good suction vacuum you can be sure of a clean home from top to bottom, including the tricky corners and hard to reach areas.

Vacuums with low suction power rating can clean only the visible dust film on the surface – leaving behind most of the grime present underneath. And it will take a longer time to clean a surface resulting in more power consumption and noise, leaving you frustrated beyond belief.
Other than in situations where you require a lightweight or portable vacuum, or when you don’t have much dirt to clean, it is necessary to have a vacuum with good suction power rating. It makes the cleaning easier, quicker and more efficient.

With numerous vacuum models based on design, purpose, price and power in the market today, it is quite a herculean task to wade among the various features, reviews and prices and hone in on the right suction vacuum you are looking for. But you needn’t worry. Fortunately, we have done the difficult part of researching all the important suction vacuums out there.

This guide will help you decide what you should look for in a strongest suction vacuum, the benefits of buying a good suction vacuum and well researched reviews on some of the top suction vacuums available now.
What are the major buying considerations?

Since suction is the basic feature of all vacuums, you have an extensive range of options to choose from. The right way to choose a best suction vacuum cleaner is by comparing the suction power of various different vacuums as well as the other specific features you are looking for and deciding on the right one. Here is a comprehensive guide to help your search.

Suction systems in different vacuum types

Vacuum cleaners are available with various different attachments that influence the best suction power. Here are the common vacuum types and the suctions systems in them.

Bagless vacuum

Bagless vacuum systems are useful for cleaning soft foods, water and other liquids off tables and floors. The waste is absorbed into a plastic compartment that can be removed and washed. Bagless vacuums have have the most powerful suction systems, when compared to vacuums that are equipped to clean up lightweight waste.


Handheld model Vacuums are small and compact but with powerful suction. They are designed with multiple attachments that boost the performance of the vacuum. A long and flexible tube is used to extract waste in most models.

Conventional vacuums

These models have parts such as a paper bag, air pump motor and other attachments. To clean up small crevices, corners and other hard to reach spaces tube attachments are provided.
When it comes to selecting a high suction vacuum, a larger vacuum holds more suction power than a smaller vacuum.

Attachments to look for

The suction performance in a vacuum cleaner is improved by using attachments. These are in the form of extension tubes made of sturdy plastic. Different attachments serve different purposes. Here are some of the common suction attachments.


The hose made of flexible and durable plastic material is designed to reach under furniture and hard to reach corners. Handheld vacuums can be used only with the plastic hose attachment.

The Brush attachment

Brush attachments are meant for deep cleaning such as dusting chairs and cleaning upholstery. These are also effective in cleaning other areas such as ceiling fans, curtains, rugs and couches. The suction power is sufficient to clean without sucking up material. The brushes can also be used manually when removed from the vacuum.

Brush for hard floor cleaning

This is for hard surfaces like linoleum, tile or wood. The brush works perfectly and smoothly on hard floors.

Hard tube

This is important for the suction to take place and is made of hard plastic. It is to this tube that the brush and other attachments are fixed and it is required to extend the reach of the suction.

Choosing a vacuum with high suction power

The suction power in a vacuum is indicated by various different units such as Amps, watts, CFM and AirWatts. Knowing about them will help you identify the right one.

Airflow (CFM)

This indicates the flow of air from the surface to the dust collecting bin. If it is indicated in the specs, a higher CFM value denotes a higher suction. 50 CFM to 100 CFM is the usual range. And it is measured without any wand, hose or other accessories, so you may get less suction than indicated.

Air Watts (AW)

This is different from Watts and denotes the watts consumes by the machine to carry air via the vacuum nozzle. The AW needs to be higher for canister and HEPA filter-containing vacuums as the higher suction power is needed to lift air via the hose in the canister and through the tiny holes in the HEPA filters.


Although it is believed that a higher watts power denotes higher suction, this is not the case here. A vacuum with lower watts power can have higher suction in comparison with high watts. This is because the design and attachments mainly determine the suction power.


This is used to indicate power consumption and a higher amp denotes a better suction.

What type of suction power do you need?

If you want to clean a smaller office space or your home then a canister model vacuum with moderate vacuum suction rating is the best choice. An AW of 180 to 200 is ideal for an upright vacuum (learn more), while for canister it should be above 300. Cordless types need only 100 AW for sufficient suction power.

Benefits of Owning the Best Suction Vacuum

With a best suction vacuum, you stand to gain a lot. Here are a few important benefits:

Easy and effective cleaning

A high suction helps to pick dirt with less effort, even if it is liquid waste. Further mopping is made easier when you have collected all the dust.

Saves time

With powerful suction you will not have to keep the vacuum running back and forth for a long time. All types of dirt, dust, grime and other waste can be picked up easily, letting you finish the cleaning in a short time. This is especially useful if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend your entire weekend vacuuming your home.

Keeps you free of allergies

Good suction and HEPA filters help to reduce the risk of allergies and prevent aggravation of respiratory issues such as asthma and emphysema. Using a vacuum with the right suction power will keep your home free of allergens and pet hair.

Saves money

Using a vacuum with good suction helps in maintaining your carpets and rugs in good condition for longer periods, so you will not have to spend money on replacing them regularly.

Top 2 – Best Suction Vacuum

Kenmore 31150

Image of Kenmore 31150The Kenmore Elite is a bagged upright vacuum that is ideal for getting rid of dust, pet hair and allergens. The powerful motor ensures the highest suction power, which is 20% higher than others vacuums of this type.

Feature highlights

  • LED dirt sensor enables you to identify dirt so that you can clean thoroughly.
  • Telescoping wand assists in cleaning hard to reach corners, high up places, steep stairways and other spaces.
  • Pet HandiMate is a special attachment that collects dander and pet hair effectively.
  • HEPA filter collects all pollen, dust and other allergens inducing allergens in the air, so you breathe in fresh and clean air.
  • Has four height adjustments for better cleaning and airflow.


Users of the Kenmore Elite find the vacuum very effective in pet hair removal, carpet cleaning and entire home cleaning. While some feel that it is rather heavy at over 21 pounds, the deep and thorough cleaning more than makes up for the weight issue. The noise is another downside, which is due to the high suction power. If you reside in a single story home and don’t find the weight too heavy to handle, this is an ideal vacuum and has the best suction.

Miele Complete C3

Image of Miele Complete C3Miele Complete is ideal for cleaning large rooms or office spaces that have carpets of medium or deep pile type. It features a wide range of accessories, effective electronic controls and a wide cleaning radius of 11m.

Feature highlights

  • Electrobrush with 5 height adjustment levels is present to ensure meticulous cleaning.
  • Parquet twister feature helps in 180 degree rotation to take care of all smooth surface cleaning.
  • Accessories include dusting brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, mini-turbo pet hair removal brush and 3D bumper.
  • Active Air filter for cleaning has layers of active charcoal to neutralize pet odors and absorb them.
  • The handle has a comfortable grip with 6 suction controls that can be operated by foot, using a +/- switch.


Users of the Miele Complete find it quiet, lightweight and efficient in cleaning pet hair. The onboard tools and suction adjustments enable easy and efficient vacuuming. The bagged form enables effective disposal of collected waste. While a few users feel that it is very expensive, the easy and efficient cleaning is well worth the price.


Inefficient suction can make cleaning a frustrating chore you avoid at all costs. A vacuum with good suction lets you benefit from all the features, including floor brush, accessories, additional attachments and other advanced technological add-ons. You will be able to clean faster and effectively ensuring a clean and well-maintained home.

Wrap up

While the Kenmore Elite features a high suction power, its noise and heavy weight make you reconsider buying it. Miele Complete, on the other hand, ticks all the right boxes with its quiet motor, lightweight and effective cleaning. If price is not a consideration for you, Miele Complete is an ideal suction vacuum to buy.

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