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laminate floorsNowadays it is common to see laminate floors in households. This is not surprising as these are an affordable alternative to hardwood floors. Additionally, laminate floors are more attractive when compared to concrete floors. However, the easy maintenance and cleaning are what tips the scales in favor of the laminate floors.

When it comes to cleaning laminate floors regular mopping or manual scrubbing are options that no one wishes to try, especially when you have a modern steam mop that do the cleaning and sanitizing in one stroke.

Steam mops relieve you of backbreaking cleaning work as they do a thorough cleaning job leaving your floors shining like new.You can quit the exhausting and time consuming mopping now that these innovative models bring in a new way of cleaning that is easy, effective and efficient.

The difficulty lies in choosing the best steam mop for your home. With so many models of various price ranges available in the market, choosing the right model can be overwhelming. This is why we have come up with this guide on best steam mop for laminate floors after a thorough research on the various brands for laminate floors in the market. Read on to find out which one is the best for your laminate floors steam cleaner.

What are the major buying considerations/frustrations?

While steam mops are guaranteed to take the physical stress out of your floor cleaning, investing in the right model is essential to ensure that you actually benefit from the best steam mop machine. Here are some important considerations to look into before you start looking at the various models. Remember that the models do not differ much but the features may vary.

Power cord

A power cord of about 30’ would make it easy to clean the entire home as you move from one room to another. The lengthy cord would eliminate the hassle of changing outlets constantly. This is a crucial consideration, especially if you clean your floors frequently.

Water tank

A water tank with large capacity is essential. It ensures that your trips to the water faucet for refilling the tank are minimized. You will also be able to use your time efficiently and finish the cleaning quickly.

Cleaning head

Cleaning head dimensions also influence the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning. The desired length would be 11 to 12 inches across. The bigger the crosswise length is, the more area you will cover in a single pass thereby reducing cleaning time.


The steam mop handle should be foldable to enable easy storage when there are space constraints. With reduced size you can easily accommodate the mop without requiring much storage space.

Feature set

Every steam mop model has its own set of advantages and abilities so you have to decide on the mop that suits your needs the best. In general, a mop that does not require more time to work or manage including using the power cord, detergent reservoir filling or microfiber pad replacement is ideal for a quick cleaning.

And remember that each steam mop has been created to serve a specific cleaning purpose For instance, if you have pets you would need an additional set of pet features or if your floors have hard to clean messes, you would need spinning type scrub brushes available at an additional price.

Microfiber pads

This is very important as every steam mop must have a sturdy microfiber pad set that works on the messes in a jiffy. As the very purpose of owning the steam mop lies in its effective cleaning, having a proper cleaning pad is vital.


Since steam mops are put to use frequently, it is ideal to have a model that has a good warranty. One or two years are the general warranty that most of the models in the market come with. This is sufficient enough time to know whether the product is defective or for you to return it, if it malfunctions.

Mop head

The mop head is available in two types, namely one-sided and two-sided heads. The two sides help you to flip it over, so you can use the alternate side.

Light weight

Weight is an important consideration, especially if you have a large cleaning area. A lightweight model will make it easy to clean the entire household at a stretch. But most lightweight models are made of cheaper quality and have shorter cord or small water tank. While the steam cleaning laminate floors the power remains the same, you will not be able to adjust the steam settings. Lightweight model vacuums (read more) are best for beginners who first want to try it and see if it is right for them.


Mops that can clean all types of floors including hard floors and carpets give more value. Such types can scrub and vacuum floors of sealed laminates, ceramic and wood adeptly and you can even use them on upholstery and carpets. These take care of regular cleaning and heavy duty cleaning too.

Benefits/Advantages of Owning

Steam mops have been in use only for the past decade or so. They have effectively replaced the scrub brushes and mops used for cleaning. Some important benefits of the steam mops include:

Effective disinfectant

Steam mops can clean high traffic-areas with ease. The mops are especially useful if you have pets in the house and want to keep the area clean for your kids. The steam, which at 100 degree Celsius successfully annihilates 99.9% of bacteria that it comes into contact with, does not leave any residue behind.

Increases value of your home

Floors will retain the original appearance and quality for longer when compared to regular cleaning methods. Homes that are usually prone to depreciation in value will be able to retain or even increase in value due to new, innovative steam mopping methods.

Sanitized floors

In addition to disinfecting your floors, you can also keep them free of stains and perfectly sanitized. With some cleaners, you can even do wall cleaning.

Free of chemicals

With steam performing good disinfection and sanitization, you will not have to use any harmful chemicals. The cleaning agents used conventionally leave behind fumes or residues that can harm your family members and pets.


With the steam mop eliminating the need for using costly cleaning solutions and replacing wipes they have become the most affordable cleaning option for laminate floors.

Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors Reviews

Here are the products you will review in this section with a link to their respective Amazon listing:

Bissell Steam Mop 1867-7

Bissell Steam Mop 1867-7Bissell 1867-7 model is an ideal steam mop for use in households with small children or if any of the family members are chemically sensitive. With the power of water, this steam mop does a thorough cleaning without producing any residues, fumes or other harmful substances that can irritate the respiratory system. It needs only 30 seconds to heat. You can clean bamboo and ceramic tile floors just as effectively with this steam mop as you do wood laminate floors.

Feature highlights

  • Eradicates nearly 99.9% bacteria and germs and also sanitizes the floor when used according the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The package includes two microfiber pads that are washable and contain microban.
  • Water tank is removable and easy to fill.
  • The product has a limited warranty of one year.
  • The steam mop assembly is easy and quick to put together.
  • Mop head has a 360 degree swivel.
  • It is very quiet during operation.
  • Model is compact is size, simple to use and store.
  • Although some users are concerned about the thin and non-absorbent pads and short cord, the 360 degree rotation and quick and effective cleaning mechanism makes this product worth the money you spend on it.

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

Image of HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor SteamerYou can do a thorough cleaning including sanitization and disinfection with the Haan Floor steamer. The powerful steam mop contains several onboard features including steam bonnet, mini-sized steam head and scrub brush made of nylon. The angled nozzle enables cleaning any place in your home easier. You can use it successfully on rugs, carpets and any other area above the floor.

Feature Highlights

  • Water in the tank heats up in 20 seconds.
  • Power cord is of extended length (25 foot) ensuring easy maneuverability.
  • Water tank is removable, so you can easily refill it whenever the need arises.
  • Kills dust mites, bacteria and other household germs without the use of chemicals.
  • It is available with two cleaning pads made of reusable and ultra-microfibers.
  • You can clean the carpets (read more) with the Carpet Glide feature too, which is effective on rugs and carpets.
  • Attachments in the special kit provided include brush, special nozzle and steam head of mini-size for handling specific cleaning jobs.
  • Swivel head enables easy maneuverability.

Some users have complained about poor quality material and defective heating mechanism. Compared to the excellent features available with the product and its multipurpose usage, the complaints are just a minor hitch that can be ignored.

BISSELL Steam Mop 80K6

Image of BISSELL Steam Mop 80K6This steam Mop from Bissell comes with a flip head, which is two-sided enabling you to do twice the cleaning before you change the pad. The two different types of mop pads take care of the regular and heavy duty cleaning work. The Mop Select feature enables a focused steam cleaning right where you need it, ensuring a perfect cleaning job.

Feature highlights

  • This electic laminate floor cleaner has two washable mop pads made of very refined microfiber on both sides of the pad.
  • You can do a thorough cleaning without using any chemicals.
  • Just ordinary water is sufficient to ensure a sanitized and disinfected cleaning.
  • The removable water tank can hold 17 ounces of water, eliminating the need for funnels or cups for refilling.
  • A trigger for steam on demand is present. You can also adjust the setting to alter the amount of steam you use for cleaning.
  • Although some users find it as being damaging to wooden floors, the efficient cleaning, quicker cleaning time and environmentally safe product features compensate for the lack in other aspects.


Steam mops remain the best cleaning tools good for laminate floors as they sanitize, disinfect and keep your floors good as new. Moreover, the physical stress of cleaning by hand or a standard mop is done away with these innovative steam mops.

Since the purpose of buying a steam mop is to reduce your workload, you need to look for a product that is easy to use and gets the job done in record time without any hassles such as constant changing of socket, refilling the tank or replacing the microfiber pad.

Wrap up

All the models discussed above are good on the steam cleaning aspect. While thin and non-absorbent pads bring down the rating of Bissell 1867, Haan Si-70 seems a better option with its multipurpose cleaning benefits. But it is the Bissell 80K6 that scores over the other models with its double side cleaning pad, which reduces your cleaning time and other beneficial features like increased water tank capacity and adjustable steam control.

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