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Cleaning floors and surfaces is a regular task for everyone. In fact, floors can be cleaned with many different types of cleaners. But what about your expensive upholstery, such as your carpet, curtains, furniture, couch, rug, chair, etc.?

To clean these things, you need to find a steam cleaner specifically designed for upholstery. And, it should not be any standard upholstery steam cleaner, but the best one, so that you can clean your upholstery thoroughly without damaging it.

Cleaners that are specially made to clean upholstery are capable of removing different types of stains from this type of surface, such as wine, chocolate sauce, coffee, and grime stains. They do not damage fabrics and pick up more stains from upholstery as compared to regular steam cleaners.

Electric steam cleaners for upholstery generate steam with the help of water, which can also be regular tap water. The steam helps to remove tough blemishes and stains from fabrics, which have been there for years. These types of machines are great for cleaning homes with pets or kids that regularly mess and leave spills around the house.

An upholstery steam cleaner can be used on your home furniture as well as for cleaning your car interior. It can easily and quickly spot clean carpets and upholstery fabrics. Plus, it can revitalize an old sofa, disinfect a piece of furniture infested by bugs, or make your antique rug look brand new.

However, with so many options available in the market, you can get confused as to which upholstery steam cleaning is the right one for you. You can have a hard time deciding which steam cleaner will suit you best when there are so many models around.

Our guide about the best steam cleaner for upholstery helps you to choose the right one for yourself. It educates you on how to choose the best upholstery cleaner machine for yourself by looking at several factors. It also exposes the true reviews of people about the upholstery cleaning machine products listed in this guide.

What are the major buying considerations?

Steam Cleaner for Upholstery Buyer’s Guide

Upholstery steam cleaners come in different sizes and shapes with different price tags. Therefore, when choosing the best steam cleaner for cleaning your upholstery, you must consider a few things.


There are two types of upholstery steam cleaners, namely handheld and regular full-sized units. The type of steam cleaner you choose depends on your cleaning requirements and needs, the amount of upholstery and furniture you have in your house, as well as your fixed budget.

A handheld furniture steam cleaner does the same cleaning job as a full-sized model. However, if you reside in a small studio or apartment, a handheld steam cleaner for upholstery is a better choice for you, as it does not take up a lot of storage space. On the other hand, a full-sized steam cleaner takes ample space and comes with varied hose extensions and attachments, which makes it harder to store.

Nevertheless, a handheld upholstery steam cleaner for furniture cannot hold too much water in its small tank as opposed to a standard full sized-unit. This results in a less cleaning time as well as more frequent rounds to refill its water tank. Thus, the type of furniture steam cleaner you choose depends on your personal requirements and needs.


You must decide on the size of the upholstery steam cleaner that you want to buy. Steam cleaners are offered in different sizes. If you reside in an apartment with less furniture, you can opt for a small sized steam cleaner, as it can be easily stored in a pantry or closet, yet it offers vast cleaning power. Plus, it is easy to maneuver and clean hard to reach spaces.

On the other hand, if you have a big house with more furniture, then you can opt for a bigger sized steam cleaner, as you do not have to refill it frequently and can thus save you time and effort. You can buy the large 2 liter units that deliver up to 2 hours of steam. Plus, larger models come with more attachments, such as floor cleaning heads, grout brushes, and detail nozzles.


You must also consider the features of the steam cleaner you want to purchase. This means you must determine whether you want it only for cleaning upholstery in your home or if you need it for cleaning other things too, such as floors, surfaces, windows, bathroom tiles, kitchen tops, etc.

If you want a steam cleaner only for cleaning your furniture, then you can opt for an upholstery steam cleaner, otherwise you can buy a steam cleaner that comes with different attachments for cleaning floors, upholstery, as well as other surfaces.

Benefits of Owning A Steam Cleaner for Upholstery

An upholstery steam cleaner easily removes dirt, stains, and grime from your furniture and upholstery. Besides this, it has various other benefits. Have a look at some of the advantages of owning a steam cleaner for upholstery.

Amazing cleaning ability and healthier environment

Steam cleaners clean your home thoroughly. Plus, they kill germs, bacteria, fleas, pathogens, ticks, viruses, and mites, which in turn make your home a healthier place to live in. They do not use any harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach and use only water, thus giving you a healthy environment.

Furthermore, a steam cleaner improves the quality of air of your home, as it gets rid of all the dirt, mildew, allergens, and mold. This also prevents breathing problems and allergies in your home, which are caused by dirt.


A steam cleaner for upholstery does not only clean and sanitize your upholstery and furniture, but it also works on other types of fabrics, including rugs, drapes, curtains, and small spot cleaning jobs on car interiors and carpets. It cleans as well as freshens up your upholstery and curtains, while removing creases and eliminating odors from clothes within a few seconds.

Better appearance

An upholstery steam cleaner maintains as well as improves the appearance of your furniture and fabrics. It makes faded and old upholstery look better. Plus, it also makes the upholstery last for a longer time period, since cleaning it regularly prevents grime buildup.

Best Steam Cleaner For Upholstery Product Reviews

1. BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGST500T

Image of BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGST500TThe BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGST500T upholstery steam cleaner is great for general house steam cleaning. However, it stands out in cleaning upholstery, furniture, and fabric.

Feature highlights

  • It is compact in size and light in weight.
  • It is easy and quick to maneuver.
  • This 1500 watt steam cleaner has a 50 fl oz steam boiler, which allows you to run it for nearly 45 minutes per fill.
  • It comes with an integrated storage holding assortment of cleaning nozzles, hoses, and attachments, which allow you to clean almost everything in your house besides upholstery. This makes it an all-rounder machine for steam cleaning your house.


Most of the reviewers say that it is easy to use and very light to move around. It comes with two adaptors in order to attach the steaming accessories that come with it. Although a few reviewers say that the dry steam does not soak everything and the attachments break easily, the cleaner is great for cleaning upholstery with a long steaming time, which makes it worth buying.

2. Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner, WH20100

Image of Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner, WH20100The Hoover TwinTank Handheld Steam Cleaner, WH20100 is one of the best steam cleaners for cleaning upholstery and leather fabrics. This handheld cleaner also disinfects upholstery whilst deeply cleaning it and is one of the best spot cleaner available in the market.

Feature highlights

  • This portable furniture steam cleaner deeply cleans as well as disinfects upholstery, while killing up to 99.9% of mildew and bacteria.
  • It has a multipurpose disinfectant solution that cleans everything from glass to fabric.
  • It has two tanks that separate dirty and clean water, which allow you to simply use a disinfectant solution or steam clean for spot cleaning grime and dirt.
  • This portable upholstery cleaner is lightweight, weighing only 7.5 pounds.
  • It accompanies a wedge, wide reach tool, and pad, which allow you to clean hard to reach areas.
  • It comes with a wide array of attachments and tools, including glass and fabric tools, bathroom cleaning tools, and 10 extra accessories in order to complete the cleaning job, which allows you to clean your windows and bathroom, as well as tight crevices and hard to reach spots.


Many users of this product say that it is quite simple to use and easy to carry around. It easily as well as quickly cleans their upholstery. However, a few users find that its water tank is hard to unscrew and the attachment is quite short.

Nevertheless, it has multiple features that save you time as well as energy, while deeply cleaning and sanitizing your carpets and upholstery. Plus, it also saves your money, as it is affordably priced.

3. Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac F5914900

Image of Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac F5914900The Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac F5914900 is the best carpet upholstery cleaning machine with a complete system. It has a clean surge feature that cleans tough stains.

Feature highlights

  • It comes with 2 water tanks that separate the clean water from the dirty water.
  • It is equipped with a 12 amp motor in order to generate additional power.
  • It weighs nearly 33 pounds.
  • It cleans tough stains with the help of its clean surge feature.
  • It has 5 spinning scrubbing brushes to deeply clean fabrics, carpets and upholstery scrubber.
  • It comes with a bottle measuring 16 ounce to pour deep cleansing upholstery and carpet detergent.
  • It makes cleaning easy with its multi-directional brushes.
  • It uses heated air with its fast dry feature.
  • It accompanies an extension tool for cleaning couches, furniture, carpet and stairs and a powered hand upholstery cleaner tool.


Most reviewers say that this shampooer makes their upholstery and carpet look like new and smell fresh. Although some reviewers say that it has small dual tanks which means they have to refill it quite frequently, it makes cleaning simple and easy and saves them time in removing dirt from their carpet, upholstery, or any other type of fabric.


A compact steam cleaner for upholstery not only cleans your furniture, fabrics, rugs, and carpets, but it also disinfects and kills most germs, bacteria, and viruses. It maintains and improves the appearance of your upholstery, thus making it last for long. When choosing the best upholstery steam cleaner, ensure that you consider what type of steam cleaner you want, which size is right for you, and which features you want.

Wrap up

The best one among the top rated steam cleaners for upholstery is the Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac F5914900. This small and lightweight cleaner does a great job in cleaning stains from carpets. It is quite powerful with good suction to get rid of all the stains, which make carpets look worn and old. It comes with multi-directional brushes, 3 speed brushroll controls, and dual tanks to hold dirty water and cleaning solution. This upholstery steam cleaner is offered at a very economical price an is highly recommended.

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