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Are you tired of using all types of cleanersAre you tired of using all types of cleaners and still not getting the expected results? Do you want to get rid of grout as quickly as possible? If yes, then you’re at the right place, because here you will get to know about the best steam cleaner for grout.

Grout steam cleaners come in handy as it cleans cement, adhesive, or any type of sticky material. Since there are a lot of strong glues that are hard to remove from your floors or any other place, you need to tackle them using the right product and a steam cleaner for grout is the answer to all your sticky problems.

Unlike regular cleaners that clean only dust and stains, steam cleaners for grout are specifically designed to clean grout and remove any type of glue-related stains. They are very effective in cleaning sticky materials. Moreover, they kill 99% of germs without even using a single chemical.

Furthermore, steam cleaners do not require much elbow grease as compared to traditional cleaners. They work on different types of surfaces, ranging from carpets and floors to windows, taps, tiles, sofas, etc. Plus, they can also be used to defrost your freezer.

Where sprays and cloths generally remove dirt only from flat surfaces, high-pressure steam penetrates deeper into nooks and crannies, killing everything from mould to bacteria and blasting away obstinate particles with the use of tap water only. Moreover, steam cleaners do not leave behind any chemicals and bind the dust to prevent it from escaping into the air. They also decimate dust mites.

However, since there are a lot of models of steam cleaners for grout, customers can get confused as to which is the right grout steam cleaner for them. Moreover, they cannot figure out what features they must look for in the steam cleaner they want to buy.

But don’t worry, because you can read this article about the best steam cleaners for grout and buy the best one for yourself. It lists some of the best grout steam cleaners available in the market and also tells you what you should look for when buying a steam cleaner for yourself.

What are the Major Buying Considerations?

How to Choose a Steam Cleaner for Grout

Since there really is not a steam cleaner only for cleaning grout, you must buy a multipurpose steam cleaner. A multipurpose steam cleaner has varied features, including different buttons, instructions, and attachments. So, how do you know which steam cleaner is the best for you? Read on to find out some of the things you must consider when buying the best steam cleaner for grout.


When buying a steam cleaner, you have two choices, namely a full-sized steam cleaner and a portable steam cleaner. You can choose any one of these, depending on the tiling you want to clean in your home. You can buy a full-sized unit if you want to clean tiled walls or tiled floors in your kitchen; but if you need to clean grout in your bathroom, you should opt for a portable handheld steamer.

Power and temperature

The best grout steam cleaner not only removes stubborn grime and dirt from every surface, but it also kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. However, if it does not reach a high temperature, it will not disinfect and sanitize the area.

Moreover, it will not remove grime from grout. Therefore, you must purchase a steam cleaner that should reach at least 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting your tiles.

Large tank

You must buy a steam cleaner that should have a large tank, as this will ensure that you can work continuously for nearly an hour before you need to refill the water reservoir of your steam cleaner. However, if you buy a small handheld steam cleaner for grout, then you will have to refill it every 10 to 12 minutes.

Multiple attachments

You must ensure that the grout steam cleaner you buy comes with multiple attachments. This is because they can give you a huge return on your investment, as you can use it to clean any area in your house, such as spot treating your carpet, disinfecting upholstery, steam cleaning your bike or car, or getting rid of wrinkles from your clothes.

Most of the best steam cleaners accompany various hoses and attachments, which makes using them easy to clean dirt and grout in your home. These attachments include scrubbing brushes, detail nozzles, extension rods, etc. The extension rods enable you to reach the highest gaps and crevices in your house. Plus, some steam cleaners also have a tool to clean grout.

Benefits of Owning a Steam Cleaner for Grout

Steam cleaners can cut down your grout cleaning time. Plus, they give better results as compared to the traditional cleaning ways. Have a look at some of the other benefits of grout steam cleaners.

Clean thoroughly

Steam cleaners for grout not only clean grout and tiles, but they also eliminate germs and bacteria on any kind of surface in the bathroom, shower or in your kitchen. They make use of pressurized steam in order to clear mildew and dirt and thus sterilize the wall or floor surface. They allow you to get rid of dirt congested in grout and tiles. With vaporized steam, steam cleaners also enable you to get rid of harmful germs, mites, and bacteria.

Less effort

Steam cleaner machine for grout make cleaning grout effortless, as you do not have to scrub the surface manually. They properly reach the grout surface and clean it efficiently.

Safe to use

Grout steam cleaners only use water and that too regular tap water. They do not use any harsh chemicals, which makes them safe for use around children, kids, and elderly people. It also makes them environmentally friendly. Plus, steam cleaners for grout do not damage the surface, including tiles, because they do not use any acidic agents and chemicals like other cleaning solutions.

Best Steam Cleaner For Grout Product Reviews

Steamfast SF-370WH

Image of Steamfast SF-370WHThe Steamfast SF-370WH grout steam cleaner is a multi-purpose steam cleaner. It is a heavy duty solution for all those people who want to clean grout. It uses ordinary water that gets heated up to more than 200 degree Fahrenheit and naturally and effectively sanitizes and cleans various surfaces.

Feature highlights

  • This 1500 watt cleaner uses pressurized steam to clean the house.
  • It naturally deep cleans as well as sanitizes any surface, without using any harsh chemicals.
  • It is equipped with a large 45 ounce water tank, which provides up to 45 minutes of nonstop steam for big cleaning jobs.
  • It comes with 15 different versatile accessories, which include two microfiber pads and one steam mop attachment that is safe to clean all types of sealed flooring surfaces like wood, tile, laminate, etc.
  • It has a steam on demand trigger with a locking switch for continuous steam.


Many people say that this steam cleaner for grout comes in handy for various cleaning tasks, as it comes with a versatile assortment of attachments while other steam cleaners come in best handheld models. A few users say that its springs and buttons pop out within minutes of using it and it has only one year of warranty. However, this grout steam cleaner can tackle the toughest jobs throughout your home, including all types of floors which makes it a great product.


Using a grout steam cleaner is really useful for cleaning both wall and floor tile grout. With its hot vaporized steam, it can clean as well as sanitize your house, in addition to killing harmful germs, mites, and bacteria in the house.

Furthermore, grout steam cleaners do not use any chemicals and need only water to run. When buying the best steam cleaner for grout, ensure that it has a high temperature, multiple attachments, and a large tank.

Wrap up

The best grout steam cleaner among these is the Steamfast SF-370WH model, which is a multi-purpose steam cleaner. It heats up to 200 degree Fahrenheit in order to naturally clean and sanitize various surfaces. Plus, it comes with 15 versatile accessories, including two microfiber pads and one steam mop attachment.

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