Maintaining the Quality of your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors look beautiful in every homeHardwood floors look beautiful in every home. They enhance the beauty appeal of a house and thus give it more value. However, if you do not clean and maintain your hardwood floors, they can lose their finish and become dull over time. This, in turn, can make your hardwood floors and home look very bad and old.

You must care and maintain your hardwood floors regularly, so that they can look like new and beautiful even after years. Plus, when you clean your hardwood floors properly, you add years to their life, while maintaining their beauty and strength.

You only need to put in some effort. This means that you need to sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor regularly using a soft-bristled broom or attachment to your vacuum cleaner or mop. This is particularly important for areas in your house that get high traffic.

This way you can prevent particle build-up and gritty dirt from accumulating on your hardwood floor. The gritty dirt can scratch the surface of your hardwood floor. Bear in mind that you should not use vacuum cleaners with a power rotary brush head or beater bar.

In addition, you need to cover your windows in order to block excessive heat from direct sunlight and UV rays that can fade your hardwood floors. By doing so you will protect your hardwood floors from fading. If you do not cover your windows, your hardwood floor will slowly age. Therefore, it is a nice idea to rearrange furniture and rugs in your home occasionally so that your hardwood floor ages evenly.

Some tips to help prevent damage to your hardwood floors are:

  • You must keep the nails of your pet trimmed and their paws clean. This is because pets can bring in dirt, which can cause stains and scratches on your hardwood floors.
  • Your home should have a humidifier that you can use during warm weather. This will help in reducing the shrinkage of wood and lowering humidity between 35 % and 55 %.
  • Wipe up spots and spills immediately with a wood floor cleaner. Apply it directly onto a clean white cloth.
  • Use ice in order to harden stubborn substances such as chewing gum or wax. Then you can gently scrape them using a credit card or a plastic scraper. Ensure that you do not scratch the hardwood surface and clean the area using a slightly damp, soft cloth.

This is how you can maintain the quality of your hardwood floor for years. Follow these tips and clean your hardwood floor regularly, so that it looks beautiful, new, and shiny even after years.

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