Hoover Upright Vacuum UH70805

The Hoover Upright UH70805 is a bagless high capacity vacuum with built-in Wind Tunnel 2 channel suction technology. The vacuum can suck up dirt embedded deep down with two suction channels.

embedded deep downWith Hoover Upright UH70805 cleaning is easier as it comes with a host of accessories and features. The reusable and easy to clean filter and the attachments such as crevice tools help in cleaning every nook and corner with ease. The extra-large dirt cup can be emptied with a bottom release enabling you to empty it directly into the trash – eliminating the hassle of changing bags.

Excellent suction

The Wind Tunnel 2 feature provides two suction channels thereby improving the lifting power. Thus debris and dirt present deep inside carpets and upholstery are cleaned without having to fuss with the technology. The vacuum has a suction power that can clean up to 10 feet high. This is aided by the 8 foot hose and 25 foot cord.

The extension wands given as attachments increase the reach of the hose. For stairs and furniture the turbo tool is every effective, while for crevices and cracks the crevice tool can be used. For furniture and vent cleaning, the dusting brush is very useful.

High on usability

The standard dirt filter provided is easy to wash and reuse. You simply need to hold it beneath running water to clean it. Thus the filter lasts for longer. The dual cyclonic suction causes air to pass through 2 cyclonic stages. The HEPA filter helps in trapping nearly 99.7 % of all dust, pollen and dirt.

It can filter pollen up to .3 microns in size. The bagless model also comes with a dirt monitor, so you can identify when the cup needs emptying. The emptying is also easier and can be done straight into the dustbin by releasing the bottom trap door without the need for any additional tools or hassle.

Features and Specifications

  • Has a unique Wind Tunnel 2 feature that provides two suction channels for better and deeper removal of dirt.
  • The dirt cup is of high capacity and comes with a bottom release that helps to easily empty it directly into a trash bin with a simple button push.
  • Filter is reusable.
  • HEPA Media filter helps in trapping 99.97% dust, pollen and dirt.
  • Height adjustments can be done in five different positions.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty is provided.
  • Hose is 8 foot long and power cord is 25 foot long.
  • Dimensions of the product are 14 inches x 11 inches x 44 inches.
  • The product weighs 17 pounds.
  • Accessories present include a turbo tool for stairs and furniture cleaning, a crevice tool for precision cleaning and a dusting brush for surfaces of furniture and vents.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have used the Hoover UH70805 upright bagless model have mentioned that the suction is great. The two wind tunnel innovative feature has turned the suction into a phenomenal one. The lengthy hose and power cord further help in keeping the suction up to the required levels.
Some users are not happy with the heavy weight of the vacuum, which makes maneuvering difficult – especially for use in the corners and other hard to reach places.

I would recommend this product, as it has a great suction power, washable filter and good quality attachments and parts making it an ideal model to purchase.

low budgetWho Should Buy This Product?

If you are on the lookout for a low budget, simple to use and effective vacuum for moderate routine cleaning, this model is a great choice. It is also ideal for small apartments that need just the basic vacuuming features. The turbo tool is very handy for pet owners as it cleans hair, dander etc. in a flash.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If you want a more sophisticated vacuum that takes care of all the vacuuming needs, this is not a good option. The attachments are not versatile and considerably difficult to use. The short electrical cord makes it difficult to clean large areas.


The Hoover UH70805 upright vacuum with bagless feature provides outstanding suction performances enabling you to deal with home cleaning in a quick, hassle free and economic way. The vacuum has excellent performance capacity with its several beneficial features such as easy wash filter and sufficient accessories for routine cleaning. All in all, it is worth the money.

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