Hoover FloorMate Review

Hoover FloorMate spinscrub is one of the best cleaner for hardwood floors as it cleans and scrubs your floor in quick and effective strokes leaving your home looking sparkling and clean.

Dual tanks are provided for separating the dirty and clean water, so you need not worry about using dirty water to clean the floor. The vacuum dries the floors in a single sweep.

conventional vacuums designed for hardwood floorsThis vacuum is affordably priced and designed exclusively for hardwood floors. In contrast to conventional vacuums designed for hardwood floors, this vacuum uses cleaning solution (read more), water and spinning brushes.

The interchangeable floor brush for wood floors keeps your hardwood free of scratches. It weighs less than 14 pounds, making it easy to clean multiple leveled hardwood floors easily.

Remarkable wash and dry action

The cleaning works in two different modes. While operating in the wash mode, the Hoover floormate squirts cleaning solution on the floor. The four circular and counter rotating brushes then spin and clean the marks and stains completely.

The dry mode can be turned on once the scrubbing is over. The vacuum sucks up dirty water from the floor and a squeegee that is built in the vacuum dries up the floor quickly. The dirty water is held in a separate tank and both tanks can be detached for cleaning.

Convenient and safe on hardwood floors

The Hoover FloorMate is very convenient. It comes with a folding handle, which is easier for storage. The vacuum does not take up much room in your closet, so you can easily store other things or hang clothes without worries.

The detail kit attachment fits snugly over the vacuum to hold all the accessories. There are two brush sets that can be fixed to the vacuum nozzle. One brush is apt for grout cleaning. The rubber wheels and furniture guards designed in the floor brush prevent causing irreparable damage to your expensive hardwood floors.

Features and Specifications

  • The brushes do a thorough cleaning while being gentle on sealed wood, grout, tile and vinyl floors.
  • The dual tanks help in keeping dirty and clean water separate.
  • Dry and wash modes are present. Wash mode uses suction and brushes for cleaning, while dry mode stops the brush action and uses suction to remove excess water and quicken drying.
  • Clean boost mechanism provides additional detergent to remove heavy stains and marks.
  • The vacuum weighs less than 14 pounds, so it is easy to carry up the stairs.
  • The brushes, tanks and nozzle can be easily removed and rinsed.
  • Safe on all types of sealed floors including vinyl, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate and more.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers find the wash and dry modes are very effective in providing a thorough cleaning. The fact that you can add cleaning detergent enables a meticulous cleaning and drying up gets the job done in no time.

A few users have pointed out the lack of attachments or hose in the vacuum, which makes it difficult to clean in areas that are difficult to reach. However the high power washing and drying without harming hard wood finish is a great feature that makes all other things fade away.

This is a vacuum that I would recommend for those with hardwood floors, as it is the best there is on the market now.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This is explicitly for use on sealed hard wood floors, mainly because it is a water-based cleaner. It takes care of all the work your mop and broom had to do in the past – saving you much hassle and time. Even ceramic tiles, vinyl, marble and other bare floor types benefit from this vacuum.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you have carpets or want to clean your entire home in one go, this is not a good option as it mainly for hardwood and bare floors. It does not contain the necessary attachments for cleaning multiple surfaces.


If you are tired of scrubbing and mopping your hardwood floor, the Hoover FloorMate is the ideal option and the quick dry feature is particularly handy if you have kids. It is a versatile hardwood floor cleaner that prevents the messy clean up involved in mopping your floor. The easy maintenance and handling features and great price further add to the benefits.

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