Hardwood Floors: Is It A Good Option to Use A Steam Vacuum Cleaner?

steam vacuum cleanerMany people are puzzled whether or not they should use a steam vacuum cleaner on their hardwood floors. Let me solve this mystery by assuring you that it is absolutely safe to use a steam vacuum to clean your hardwood floors. You can get really good results when cleaning your hardwood floors with a steam mop. However, you need to be careful while doing this otherwise you can damage your hardwood floors.

Pros and cons of steam vacuuming on hardwood floors

There are many advantages of steam vacuuming your hardwood floors. Nevertheless, there are also a few problems that can arise with it. One of the major benefits of steam vacuuming your hardwood floors is that steam vacuuming will dry your hardwood floors very quickly.

This means that no detergent residue or streaks will be left behind on your hardwood floors. You just need to use your steam vacuum cleaner properly and it can give you very effective results.

Other vacuum cleaners, including those that are exclusively for cleaning hardwood floors, may leave residue on floors. This residue attracts a lot of dirt, which in turn makes floors look dirty and dull. However, with steam cleaning you do not have to worry about this issue.

When it comes to the disadvantages of using steam cleaning on your hardwood floors, it can remove the finish or dull some types of hardwood floors if it is used improperly. Plus, it can also the floors to buckle at the joints.

However, both these problems can be shunned if you simply avoid some common mistakes and choose the right steam vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood floors. Moreover, you should not use steam on waxed floors.

One of the worst things that can damage your hardwood floor is water. Therefore, if you use a steam vacuum and blast a lot of hot moisture directly on the hardwood floor, that moisture can get into places where the finish of the hardwood floor is inconsistent, such as between the boards. Moreover, the finish can also be washed away if you use super heated moisture with overzealous scrubbing.

Thus, you can use a steam vacuum cleaner or steam mop on your hardwood floors (read our buyers guide) , but only if you use it correctly. Remember not to blast hot water or steam everywhere on your hardwood floors. Just make a light touch and go easy when cleaning your hardwood floors with a steam vacuum cleaner.

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