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Shower cleaners help transform stained and unsightly tubs, showers, enclosures, tiles, doors and faucets to their original sparkling, sanitized and clean state. Cleaning the shower and tub are the two most difficult cleaning jobs in a home.

Whether it is staining due to well water, soap or any other cause, black, brown and unseemly stains on the shower doors and even on mats require tougher cleaning measures.


Showers are prone to buildup of oily films. Poor drainage leads to mold and bacteria accumulation, which increases the risk of conditions such as athlete’s foot or infestation with flesh-eating types of bacteria. The grout between tiles also harbors bacteria and mold. You may even need to gut the entire tiling and redo it, if the mold growth is too deep in the grout.

But you don’t need to let things go to such an extent as there are plenty of shower cleaners that provide efficient and effective cleaning to ensure that your shower remains spic and span. The only difficulty lies in choosing the best shower cleaner for your home.

With an extensive array of products in the market, knowing which one is right for your cleaning needs and budget will help you purchase the right product without wasting time, money and effort.

We have made your work easier with our shower cleaner buying guide and lineup of some of the best shower cleaners in the market. Read on to find out how you can keep your shower and bathroom clean and sparkling day in and day out.

What are the Major Buying Considerations?

Cleaning a shower is not an easy task. You need to ensure the surfaces are not only clean but shining as new. From soap spots and mineral accumulation to mold formation, you have several issues to deal with when you tackle those susceptible surfaces. And dealing with the stains can be challenging - even to the most patient people. Here are some important buying considerations when you shop for a shower cleaner.

Multipurpose cleaner

Having a good cleaner that has multi-purpose cleaning abilities is an ideal way to minimize the effort and time you spend on the cleaning.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Most showers have tile and glass surfaces that need special attention.
  • Bathtubs also need careful cleaning, as you run the risk of scratching the protective coating.
  • Glass surfaces are made of microscopically smooth outer layers, which make even the minutest stains to be easily noticeable.
  • Hence, it is necessary to purchase a product that cleans all the surfaces with equal zeal and reduces the time taken and the difficulty factor, making the entire process a breeze to do.

Health Issues

Since cleaning products form the most important source of toxic chemical exposure in a home, you need to ensure the product you buy is safe to use. Most of the ingredients you find in many of the cleaning products cause potential health hazards.
A chemical ingredient that has a powerful cleaning property may have an equally powerful amount of health risks such as skin irritation, allergies and respiratory symptoms.

Accidental ingestion of these by kids can lead to poisoning, which makes it necessary to store the products in a childproof space. An alternative would be choosing a non-toxic and safe shower cleaner.


Fragrance emitting chemicals are often added to enhance the fresh and clean effect of the shower cleaner. Some of the fragrance components may cause allergies or adverse effects on health. It is therefore important to know whether the fragrance component is safe to use.

Green Cleaning

Since all cleaning products are flushed out and processed in the sewage treatment plants and ultimately discharged into water bodies, it is important to use chemicals that produce minimal or no ecological risks. Cleaning agents like alkylphenolethoxylate degrade into persistent and dangerous compounds. Choosing an organic cleaner will ensure your ecosystem is unharmed.

Ease of Use

This should be the foremost concern when you are out to buy a shower cleaner. The cleaning instructions should be easy to follow without any complicated measurements or dilutions or other details. You should be able to spray the cleaner on the surface to be cleaned and wipe it clean. And there are automatic cleaners that clean by simply pushing a button - making the cleaning a breeze.

No Scrubbing

The reason people hate cleaning showers is the hard scrubbing that is required to remove the grime, scum and other debris on the shower surface. An ideal shower cleaner should be able to remove all the back-breaking and hand aching scrubbing maneuvers with an easy and simple removal process.

Pleasant To Use

As mentioned before fragrance is a requisite, but make sure you get a cleaner that is safe and emits a pleasant scent.

Minimal Fumes

Since showers are enclosed surfaces, you need to use the best cleaning product that does not emit too much fumes, lest you suffocate from the harsh fumes.

Budget Concerns

As cleaning is a regular process an inexpensive, but effective product seems a prudent choice. No one wants to spend a lot on a cleaner, so choosing an affordable product is ideal.

Budget concerns

Gentle vs. Hard Cleaner

If you don’t have mold, it is best to use a gentle cleaner to keep the tiles, chrome fittings and glass retain their original glow. On the other hand, if mold is present find a cleaner that is particularly made for cleaning mold like those with bleach. But make sure you check the instructions before using such cleaners.

Benefits of Owning

The best Shower cleaners are designed specifically for dealing with the grime and other deposits that typically form in a shower cubicle. Here are some important benefits of using the best shower cleaners.

Effective Cleaning

When you choose a proper cleaning agent, you will be rewarded with a squeaky clean, fully sanitized and sparkling shower. Better hygiene and health can be ensured and with a minimal amount of time and effort involved.

Saves Time

Spending hours cleaning the bathroom is not something you can afford to do, not to mention the physical stress you will be under. With a good shower cleaner, you need not spend much time for the cleaning. When cleaning is easy and quickly, chances are that family members will pitch in with the cleaning without any grumbling.

Cost Effective

With an economical and effective shower cleaner, you will not have to spend expensive amounts on the cleaning products or be exposed to risks of allergy and skin irritation due to the harsh chemicals.


By selecting the appropriate cleaner, you can ensure that they do not take up much space in the shower or bathroom cupboard. You can even choose cleaners that blend well with the décor and add more appeal to the bathroom design.

Best Shower Cleaner Reviews

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner 34oz.

Scrubbing Bubbles is an automatic cleaner that effectively cleans the tough stains in your shower. You have to just touch the cleaning button to let the cleaner do its work. This shower spray reduces the frequency of scrubbing with its effective cleaning mechanism that keeps the surfaces cleaner for longer periods.

Feature Highlights

  • Dual sprayer has a 360 degree spin that provides effective penetration on the tub and walls.
  • Special formula prevents accumulation of stains including mildew, mold, soap scum etc.
  • Keeps the shower clean for nearly 30 days.
  • For added cleaning power, the booster button can be used.
  • This good shower cleaning product comes with a special fragrance that keeps the bathroom smelling wonderful for a whole day.
  • Many users have appreciated the powerful cleaning mechanism that has a long lasting cleaning effect and reduces frequent cleaning.
  • A few users are not happy with the design, which has certain limitations such as not being able to clean all the surfaces like it is supposed to do. But the time-saving cleaning and easy-push button activation are factors that tip the scales in its favor.

WET AND FORGET 801064 Shower

Wet and Forget shower cleaner reduces your shower cleaning by more than half with its high performance cleaning system that does not require you to wipe or scrub.

Feature Highlights

  • The cleaner is very easy to apply and the application can be done once a week.
  • The powerful cleaning performance eliminates the need to do any of the routine wiping or no scrubbing needed.
  • The cleaner’s sprayer is very efficient.
  • A single bottle can be used for around 12 weeks.
  • The product has a pleasant vanilla scent.
  • This no scrub shower cleaner is very safe to use as it does not produce any irritating fumes and does not contain ammonia, dyes and bleach.
  • A few users who own the cleaner have issues with the product not working on unglazed ceramic tiles, as it left behind a white residue.
  • But a majority of the users have recommended the product for its better cleaning efficiency, pleasant smell, absence of chemicals and the weekly cleaning feature.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and bath scrubber is a cleaner made specifically for getting rid of the toughest stains in your bathroom. When compared to other leading cleaners, it is three times more effective in removing soap scum in a single swipe.

Feature Highlights

  • Micro Scrubbers present in the melamine sponge along with a foaming cleansing component are the best thing to help clean soap scum even from the most difficult to remove areas.
  • Scrubbing surface is large and durable.
  • This top rated bathroom cleaner works on counters, grout stains, ceramic tile, shower doors and sinks with equal power.
  • The scrubber has special angulation provided for cleaning corners in a better way.
  • The product is available as cleaning supplies of various types including original, kitchen scrubber and extra durable varieties.
  • Some users have mentioned that the cleaning efficiency of the scrubbers on granite or marble surfaces is not that great, but on the whole many users who own this product consider that its cleaning efficacy is very good and that the shower stays clean for a longer time. The scrubber works best when used on a dry surface rather than a wet one.

Method Daily Shower Cleaner 28 Fl Oz

Method Daily cleaner for showers is an eco friendly product that keeps all the offending dirt and debris from the shower effectively.

Feature highlights

  • The ingredients used for the cleaner are nontoxic and made from biodegradable and natural formulas.
  • The shower cleaner effectively dissolves stains and prevents soap scum formation.
  • Does not cause toxic chemical fumes.
  • It has a fresh and pleasant smell.
  • Removes stains from chrome fittings and keeps mildew off the shower successfully.

Some users have mentioned that the unpleasant and strong odor is a big deterrent. However, the effective cleaning mechanism of the product makes up for the lack in fragrance and the unpleasant odor can be warded off by using the product in a well-ventilated area. The product is effective on bacteria, mold and water stains and works well on glass too without any scrubbing. It keeps the tub and shower clean and free of offending stains.

Earth Friendly Products Shower Cleaner 22oz

Earth Friendly Products is a specially formulated shower cleaner that works wonders on hard water stains, soap scum, mildew and mold. The product is easy to use and increases the time between cleanings effectively.

Feature highlights

  • This natural cleaner product does not need wiping, rinsing or scrubbing. You simply need to spray after each shower.
  • It is made of pure and natural essential oils of tea tree and lavender, which are powerful antiseptics.
  • All ingredients used in the cleaner are plant-based and 100% natural, biodegradable and nontoxic as well as cruelty-free and renewable.
  • The ingredients are packaged in containers that can be recycled.
  • A few users mention that it is not as effective on chrome fixtures and glass and leaves behind spots or streaks.
  • However, it is very effective in keeping the shower clean and maintains the area clean for longer periods of time.
  • And the product being biodegradable and pleasant smelling makes it a good purchase option.


CLR Pro shower cleaner is a patented product that removes lime, calcium and rust from various different surfaces including chrome, porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, glass, stucco, brick and stainless steel and many other surfaces.

Feature Highlights

  • Non-toxic ingredients are highly powerful and act on calcium and lime buildup with supreme efficacy.
  • It is also effective in cleaning washing machines, coffee makers, coffee pots, dishwashers, toilets, sinks, filters, vinyl siding and humidifiers.
  • It can be used safely on light hued grout and is completely safe for garden plants, plumbing and septic tanks, as well as totally biodegradable.
  • The shower cleaner is USDA certified and has EPA’s DfE formulas ensuring a safe chemistry of ingredients.

Some users mention that it takes time to work the stains from hard water, but overall many users feel it is a handy multipurpose cleaner that is very effective on all bathroom and kitchen appliances and surfaces, and the cleaning effect lasts for over a month.

Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover

The Tilex shower cleaner is a potent cleaning product that requires very little scrubbing and effort. The household cleaning product targets mildew and mold effectively.

Feature Highlights

  • It is effective on grout, tile, fiberglass and toilets.
  • The potent cleaning action eliminates nearly 99.9% of mold and mildew.
  • Clorox Bleach is one of the main ingredients in the cleaner.
  • You simply need to spray the cleaner on the stained area, wait for a while and rinse it.

A few users have found the odor of the cleaner to be too strong, which is due to the Clorox bleach present in it. Other than this minor glitch, the product has received good reviews on its cleansing mechanism, which is very powerful and as the product claims, it removes mildew and mold buildup from all areas thoroughly.This is the best mildew cleaner for shower. Due to the strong odor, it is best to avoid using it in unventilated areas.

Granite Gold Shower Cleaner

Granite Gold Cleaner for glass and natural stone is a wonderful product, which is easy and simple to use. And best of all does not emit any bad odor unlike other popular shower cleaners. The product is effective on glass doors and tile showers.

Feature Highlights

  • The product has a safe and deep cleaning action on shower and bath fixtures.
  • It is non abrasive, non-acidic and biodegradable.
  • The shower cleaner does not contain ammonia or phosphates.
  • The special formula is made up of streak free and nontoxic ingredients.
  • It is very effective on all types of floors including ceramic, glass, marble, limestone, granite and travertine.
  • Cleans stubborn soap scum thoroughly and does not leave behind streaks on drying.
  • A few users have mentioned that it is not as effective on marble as it is on tiles and glass. However, the cleaner has excellent cleaning action removing all molds, mildew, soap scum and other stains that are common in showers and bath fixtures.


Shower cleaners are basically designed to reduce the efforts required to remove the stains, scum and other debris found in a bathroom including the tiling, grout, bath fixtures, glass and bathtub. The best bathroom shower cleaner products make cleaning a simple job with minimal effort and some shower cleaners act with just a push of a button.
When you shop for a good and effective shower cleaner ensure it is easy to clean, acts quickly and is safe to use. An eco friendly ingredient formula is another advantage that ensures you and your surroundings are safe from harm.

Wrap Up

Of the various products we have lined up, Mr. Clean and Tilex both top rated products, exhibit several beneficial qualities. However, Mr. Clean with its highly powerful micro scrubbers and larger cleaning surface has a definite advantage over Tilex.

Tilex guarantees 99.9% removal of mildew and mold has a strong odor due to its Clorox bleach ingredient, which makes the scales tip in favor of Mr. Clean. But when you consider the price factor, Tilex emerges the winner.

If you are specific about buying an eco friendly product, Method Daily and Earth Friendly are good choices to consider, even if they dip a little on the performance part. Earth Friendly is more expensive than Method Daily, which is also packed in eco friendly and recyclable plastic bottle making it a more preferred choice.

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