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carpetCleaning your carpets can be a huge task if you do not use the right products. Obviously, you need to clean your carpet with the right carpet cleaner, but besides this you also need to use a high quality carpet cleaning shampoo.

A carpet cleaning solution is specifically made to clean carpets from the outside as well as inside. These solutions thoroughly and deeply clean carpets without leaving any stains or marks. They not only clean new stains, but they also clean old stains that are embedded in the carpet for years.

Carpet cleaning shampoos not only cleans carpets, they also disinfect and sanitize them by killing germs, bacteria, allergens, and pathogens. It has been proven that they kill nearly 99% of germs hiding in carpets. Moreover, they do not damage the carpet in any way but rather restore their original shine and color, thus making your old and worn carpet look like new.

Unlike regular detergents that do not clean carpets properly, carpet cleaning liquid solutions remove all types of stains, such as stains from food and drinks, spills, oil, grease, etc. Carpet cleaning shampoos do not contain any harmful substances and carpet cleaner chemicals as compared to standard cleaning detergents.

These are some of the reasons why you should opt for a carpet cleaning shampoo over a regular cleaning solution. However, the main point here is how to choose the best carpet cleaning solution for yourself when there are so many different varieties and models out there. You may get confused as to which one is the best for you.

However, now you do not have to worry as we have compiled this guide about the best carpet cleaning solution, which illustrates the best carpet cleaning shampoos available in the market. It also tells you how to choose the best carpet cleaning solution, along with the reviews of users who have already used these products, so that you can get a fair idea as to which one is the best for you.

What are the major buying considerations?

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo cleaning solution Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right carpet cleaning shampoo cleaning solution for your carpet is a crucial thing, since regularly cleaning your carpet helps to maintain the color as well as quality of your carpet for a long period of time.

There is no carpet cleaning solution that fits everybody’s cleaning needs and addresses all cleaning challenges. There will always be some specialty cleaners that target certain stains. Therefore, in order to choose the best carpet cleaning shampoo for your carpet, you must look at some of the important factors that can help you in your endeavor.

Type of carpet material or fiber

When buying a carpet cleaning solution, you must determine which material your carpet is made from. This is significant because if the carpet cleaning detergent does not suit your carpet, it can damage your carpet.

Knowing the fiber type of your carpet is the most important thing when choosing the right industrial carpet cleaning solution. Synthetics like olefin, polyester, nylon, and acrylic can tolerate aggressive carpet cleaner shampoos as compared to natural fibers like wool, sisal, silk, or any designer blends of fiber. The best carpet cleaning shampoo is the one that can clean both natural as well as synthetic fibers.

Some carpets are already stain-resistant, and they don’t have to be cleaned with a heavy carpet cleaning solution. You should also not opt for strong cleaning methods, such as foam or steam cleaning. Instead, you must go for a dry cleaning method or purchase an absorbent carpet cleaning shampoo.

Cleaning method

It is also important to consider what cleaning method or equipment you use to clean your carpet. Do you use low moisture cleaning or a hot water extraction method? No matter which cleaning method you use, it should deliver excellent cleaning results. Every cleaning method has its own significance. Moreover, when used with the best carpet cleaning solution, it will give impressive results irrespective of the cleaning method you employ.

Members in your home

If you have lots of people living in your house or frequent visitors who walk on your carpet all the time, you must opt for a heavy carpet cleaning solution and method in order to accelerate the cleaning procedure.

PH level

Most carpet solutions are made on the alkaline side of the pH scale. The alkaline concentration increases 10 times for every higher value as compared to the previous value, such as 9 pH value vs 8 pH. On the acidic side of the pH scale, the reverse is true; that is, 4 pH is 10 times more acidic as compared to 5 pH.

Carpet cleaning shampoos that have a pH higher than 7 are alkaline, as 7 is the neutral number on the pH scale. A carpet cleaning solution that has a pH of up to 10 is safe for using on synthetic carpets.

However, a carpet cleaning shampoo with a pH higher than 10 can have an effect on the stain resistance quality of nylon carpets, which in turn can result in color loss, damaged carpet fibers, as well as annulled carpet warranties. A carpet cleaning solution that has a pH between 7 and 10 is very effective in cleaning carpets and thus is the best carpet cleaning solution.

Stains and soil load

The best carpet cleaning shampoo must effectively clean every type of stain and soil, no matter how tough it is. It should be able to remove grease and oil as well. Most of the spills and spots should be removed by a carpet cleaning solution. Find out if one carpet cleaning shampoo can do all the work or whether you will need another product or specialty spot remover to boost its energy in order to attain good results.

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Cleaning Solution Benefits

Carpet cleaning shampoos are reliable, effective, as well as safe products to clean your carpet in your home. They have a lot of advantages, among which some of the most common ones are:

Eliminate trapped pollutants

A dirty carpet has various sources of indoor air pollutants, such as pet dander, lead, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, and daily dust and dirt. Toxic airborne gases stick to these particles and get trapped in the carpet. Moreover, when you walk or vacuum your carpet, these toxic gases release and contaminate the air in your house.

However, when you use a carpet cleaning solution, you can kill these bacteria through the special concentrated formula. A carpet cleaning shampoo also removes deeply trapped pollutants, when used with high-powered vacuums.

Restore quality and shine of the carpet

Carpet cleaning solutions help in restoring the original quality and beauty of your carpet, besides removing embedded dirt and stains. It also restores the natural color of the carpet, thus making it look like new again. This, in turn, it extends the life of your carpet and leaves it looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Avoid mildew and mold

Mildew and mold are common invaders of carpets. They generally appear when carpets are left excessively wet. Carpet cleaning shampoos ensure that your carpets are not oversaturated when used with steam cleaning machines. They also make sure that the water is properly extracted from the carpet with the help of the professional suction power of the vacuum.

Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Reviews

Hoover Platinum Collection AH30035

Image of Hoover Platinum Collection AH30035The Hoover Platinum Collection AH30035 is a great upholstery and carpet cleaning detergent. It easily and quickly cleans different types of stains, like juices, food, chocolate, ketchup, etc. In fact, it is one of the best cleaning solutions available in the market, as it can clean carpets as well as upholstery.

Feature highlights

  • This carpet cleaning solution does not produce any chemical smell, as it has a fresh and mild linen fragrance that makes your home smell fresh.
  • It eliminates all types of marks from carpets, in turn bringing back its original color.
  • It removes oil as well as grease stains from upholstery and furniture, including couches.
  • This 50 ounce bottle of carpet cleaning detergent lasts for months.
  • It can be used for a wide array of purposes, including grass stains, blood, vomit, pet-related accidents, etc.
  • This rug cleaner solution is suitable for many carpet cleaners and is not restricted to only the Hoover brand carpet cleaning machines.
  • It is approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.
  • It has a very concentrated formula, which not only removes stains, but also unpleasant odors and lingering stains all at once.
  • This liquid cleaning detergent can be used with both automatic carpet cleaning machines as well as manual devices, since it contains a professional formula that dissolves any type of impurities within the fibers of the carpet.


Most of the users of this carpet cleaning shampoo find it very handy as it deeply cleans their carpets as well as upholstery and removes different types of stains, including grass stains, vomit, blood, as well as pet-related accidents.

Although some users find its smell weird, it can be used with all deep cleaning machines and has a strong concentrated formula, which makes it one of the best carpet cleaning solutions out there.

Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro

Image of Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean ProThe Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro offers deep cleaning, which is twice as much as regular cleaning solutions. It is one of the most efficient carpet cleaning shampoos available in the market right now.

Feature highlights

  • It effectively cleans different types of stains from carpets as well as other surfaces, such as mattresses.
  • It easily and quickly removes mud, dust, and dirt without leaving any spots.
  • It is quite strong with a 2x deep cleaning concentrated formula, which allows you to use only a little bit of the cleaning solution.
  • It protects the carpet from future soil and stains with the help of its Scotchgard Protector.
  • It is safe to use with all the major brands of deep cleaners.
  • It is formulated using eco-friendly detergents and does not contain any type of dye, phosphates, heavy metals, or optical brighteners that are harmful to the environment.
  • It removes any type of stain or soils from the carpet, no matter if they are new stains or older stains that are embedded deeply into the carpet.
  • It contains a concentrated formula, which can be diluted any time while cleaning thinner carpets.


Many reviewers find this product great, as it removes 100% stains with its double cleaning strength. They say that it delivers amazing results as compared to many other carpet cleaning shampoos available in the market. Although a few users complain about its high price; it nevertheless makes the carpet brighter, brings back its original color, and completely cleans the carpet, which makes it worth its price.

Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz AH30330

Image of Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz AH30330The Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X 64oz AH30330 is an amazing and efficient carpet cleaner and deodorizer. It boasts impressive performance and features for its price. It can effectively clean carpets, upholstery, car interiors, as well as area rugs.

Feature highlights

It effectively cleans carpets while removing dust and grease from every corner of the carpet without leaving behind any sticky residue inside the solution container, which can damage the carpet cleaning machine.
It makes carpets shinier and brighter while leaving behind a pleasant floral fragrance.
It contains a 100% non-toxic and biodegradable formula, which makes it extremely safe to use around pets and children.
Besides carpets, including car interiors, upholstery, and rugs it comes in handy for other surfaces too.
It works with all types of carpet cleaners.
It has a very concentrated formula, which allows you to dilute it in water while cleaning a thin or sensitive fabric carpet.


Most of the reviewers find it great for removing stains as well as the lingering odor from their carpets. They also like its smell. However, some reviewers say that it does not remove vomit stains. Despite of this, the versatility, efficiency, and pleasant fragrance of this carpet cleaning solution makes it one of the best carpet cleaning products in the market.

BISSELL 2X Professional Pet Urine Eliminator 67A5

Image of BISSELL 2X Professional Pet Urine Eliminator 67A5The BISSELL 2X Professional Pet Urine Eliminator 67A5 is great at removing pet urine stains and odors from carpets and rugs. Moreover, it discourages pets from urinating on the same spot all the time. Its professional formula consists of Scotchgard protector that makes your carpet look good and stay cleaner for a longer time period.

Feature highlights

  • It easily and quickly removes pet urine marks as well as eliminates the horrible odor of urine.
  • It makes your carpet look shiny.
  • It removes stains from the carpet without making it fade and keeps the color intact.
  • It has unique ingredients, which discourages pets from urinating in the same place as before.
  • It can be used with carpet cleaners from other brands, such as Rug Doctor and Hoover, including Bissell.
  • It is made using biodegradable detergents, which make this solution environment-friendly.


Most users say that this carpet cleaning solution works efficiently with most of the deep cleaning machines, which makes it very handy. Although a few users complain about its strong smell, it is recommended owing to its eco-friendly nature that does not contain any harsh chemicals and professional formula that enhances the life of carpets.

Resolve Carpet Cleaner for Steam Machines

Image of Resolve Carpet Cleaner for Steam MachinesThe Resolve Carpet Cleaner for Steam Machines is one of the best carpet cleaning shampoos out there, as it comes in a 48 ounce bottle that offers plenty of detergent as compared to what is generally available.

Feature highlights

  • It has a deep cleaning power, which is specifically designed to easily clean large stretches of carpet.
  • This carpet cleaning fluid has a refreshing and clean scent, which perfectly eliminates all kinds of odors from the carpet.
  • It protects your carpet from pet hair (read more), dirt, as well as other types or allergens.
  • It protects the carpet against dirt and leaves its fibers feeling plush and soft under your feet.
  • This carpet cleaning solution for steam cleaners has a low foaming solution, which ensures that it does not make a big mess everywhere in your home.
  • It safely cleans most types of carpets, including wool, nylon, and stain resistant carpets.


A lot of reviewers like the scent of this best carpet steam cleaning solution, which eliminates odors completely and replaces them with a nice fragrance. A few reviewers say that it is not as effective as other brands in removing stains and odors. Nevertheless, it washes away all the debris and dirt and adds extra shine to the carpet.

Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Pro 40 oz

Image of Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Pro 40 ozThe Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Pro 40 oz is one of the best carpet cleaning shampoos for pet stains. It contains oxygen boosters that lift out embedded bacteria, allergens, and dirt from the carpet.

Feature highlights

It contains special oxygen boosters, which help to pick up embedded bacteria and dirt that might be lingering for years.
It perfectly cleans carpets as well as wool products without damaging them.
It contains a super-concentrated solution, which is twice as effective as standard non-concentrated brands.
It comes in a 40 ounce bottle, which makes it last for a long time.
It can be used in all water extraction as well as deep cleaning machines irrespective of the brand.


Many reviewers find it a great product to clean their carpets, upholstery, and many more things. They also like the fresh and clean smell of this carpet cleaning shampoo. Although some reviewers say that it does not clean a few deeper stains, it is safe to use on most of the carpets and contains a deep cleaning formula, all of which make up for the lack.


A carpet cleaning shampoo is a must have product in every home that has carpet flooring, as it completely cleans carpets, while removing most of the stains, soil, spills, and grime on the carpet. Moreover, it kills germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and pathogens that are trapped in the carpet for many years.

While choosing the best carpet cleaning solution, make sure that you know the type of fiber your carpet has, how many people live in your house, and what carpet cleaning method or equipment you use to clean your carpet. Moreover, you must check the pH level of the solution and see if it can remove most of the stains and soil.

Wrap up

Among the top carpet cleaning shampoo cleaning solutions, the best rated ones are the Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro and Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Pro 40 oz. Both of these carpet cleaning shampoos are great, as they deeply clean carpets with their concentrated formula.

The Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro contains Scotchgard Protector that protects the carpet from future stains and the Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Pro 40 oz contains oxygen boosters that lift out embedded allergens, bacteria, and dirt from the carpet.

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