Earthwise Blower/Vacuum Review

gasEarthwise blower/vacuum is a handy tool to own for everyday yard cleaning, mulching and vacuuming. Functioning at variable speed ranges the blower, vacuum, and mulch combo is a hassle-free tool with easy to change tubes. The blower does not need any additional tools or accessories and is a very environment friendly blower that does not produce any fumes. It does not need oil or gas for fuelling.

Three in one feature

The 12 amp Earthwise blower is a multipurpose product with mulch, vacuum and blower features. It allows you to keep your yard, lawn or grounds neat, tidy and beautiful thanks to the various features of this blower.

The blower and vacuum combo can vacuum and collect leaves and twigs in a breeze with its high speed motor and the blower tube has an angulated nozzle for easier reach of tighter spots.

Robust electric powered motor

Earthwise blower/vacuum has a well-designed and robust electric motor of 12 amp, offering variable wind speeds ranging from 140 to 240 miles per hour. The high power capacity helps in easy and efficient vacuuming, mulching and collecting tasks in the yard.

Since it is electrically powered, there is no need of messy fuel refills or frequent purchases that can become quite expensive in the long run. The motor is quick to start allowing convenient handling whenever needed.

Features and Specifications

  • The blower, mulch and vacuum tool has a high mulching ratio of 16:1, which vastly reduces the quantity of debris collected, making disposal easier.
  • The blower tool comes with a big collection bag that has a capacity of 2 bushels.
  • The blower tube has an angled nozzle and is 25 inches long, and comes as a two piece part that can be separated when not in use, making way for compact storage.
  • The vacuum tube can be snapped on is made of two pieces that are 39 inches in diameter.
  • Air speeds of blower range between 140 and 240 MPH.
  • Two year limited manufacturer warranty is available with the product.
  • Auxiliary handle is provided for added convenience.
  • Rechargeable battery has a sufficient charge for a single yard cleaning.
  • The handle is made of rubber for increased comfort.
  • The product dimensions include 36 inches length x 7 inches width x 14 inches height.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers find the blower, vacuum and mulch combo ideal for yard maintenance. The blower and vacuum help in collecting leaves – especially in areas where a rake cannot be used. The vacuum is an easy substitute for tight spaces and corners. Some users have mentioned the powerful motor and lightweight as desirable features compared to other rechargeable blowers in the market.
One minor drawback mentioned by customers who have used the product is the poorly designed strain relief feature for extension cord attachment. But using a captive cord or Velcro strap this can be very well overcome as a few users had suggested.

I would definitely recommend this blower/vacuum, as it has a heady combo of features that make yard maintenance quick, effective and simple, and most importantly it is budget friendly.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This product is perfect for small cleaning jobs in your yard, patio, lawn or grounds. If you are searching for a lightweight model that is easy to operate and convenient to handle with a sufficient amount of power, the Earthwise blower/vacuum is a great choice.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

While the power is sufficient to blow off smaller spaces such as a driveway, garage, sidewalk or patio, the blower is not up to heavy duty cleaning of a garden or yard as the motor and battery are not equipped to deal with the heavy use.


Cleaning your patio is no more a hassle with Earthwise blower/vacuum, as it creates a leaf-free and clean landscape around your house. With desirable features such as light weight, high speed motor, easy maneuvering, no tools needed for assembling, hook for cord retention and built-in plug and no fuel expense hassles, the Earthwise blower/vacuum model is certainly a purchase that is well worth the cost you pay for it. The collection bag of 1-5 bushel capacity with zipper is another big advantage for cleaning up your yard effectively.

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