Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your house effectively. This upright and bagless vacuum rolls around on top of a swiveling and convenient ball. This sophisticatedly designed vacuum cleaner comes with hoses that slink into handles. Plus, it empties dirt quickly by just pressing a button.

Plenty of accessories

The Dyson (read our buyers guide) DC65 Animal vacuum comes with many accessories, including a brush attachment for cleaning upholstery and pet hair and a soft dusting brush for applying suction on fragile surfaces such as lamp shades. It also accompanies a stiff bristle brush for cleaning ground-in dirt.

have petsThe Better brush bar of this machine is equipped with two cord wrap hooks and rear wheels. It has shorter and stiff bristles, which means that they can remove more dirt by better penetrating the fibers of the carpet. Plus, the bristles are also appropriate for hard floors.

Additionally, this device comes with the stair tool and the combination accessory tool. People who have pets should choose the middle version in order to get the tangle-free turbine tool and the soft dusting brush. It also accompanies an extra multi-angle brush, a useful tool storage bag, and a zorb.

Ball technology

The Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum cleaner works on the advanced Ball technology, which allows users to steer it using just one hand. It cleans different surface types, as it accompanies a self adjusting cleaner head, which automatically shifts its height for sealing the flow of air across all kinds of floors, ranging from carpets to hardwood floors.

Features and specifications

  • This device comes with ample tools, including a brush tool to clean upholstery and pet hair and a soft dusting brush that enables users to use suction on fragile surfaces such as lamp shades. This appliance also comes with a stiff bristle brush to clean ground-in dirt.
  • It has a telescopic wand with a head, which can be inclined in order to clean shelf tops easily as well as quickly.
  • The controls of this machine are in easy reach on the handle. The bristle and power buttons are situated on the top within reach.
  • This upright device is lightweight, weighing just 16.9 pounds.
  • The iconic ball on this appliance allows it to have a firm turning radius.
  • The dustbin of the Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum is easy to empty by just pushing a button, without having to tip and shake it.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers are happy with the effective cleaning power and versatility of the Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum cleaner. They say that it easily picks up pet hair, in addition to plenty of embedded dirt. The turbine suction of this appliance is really good and the cleaner head helps to clean different types of surfaces, including hard floors and carpets.

Some customers say that the Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum does not reach under furniture, owing to its iconic ball on its top. Due to this, they cannot clean areas under their furniture. However, the same iconic ball on this machine gives it a tight turning radius.

I recommended the Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum, as it cleans hardwood floors as well as carpets effectively. Plus, it can easily push through thick carpets, due to its big ball. Moreover, it’s on and off as well as hard surface buttons are conveniently placed.

Who Should Buy This Product?

All those people who want to clean different types of surfaces in their home, ranging from hard surfaces, carpets, to lamp shades, should opt for this device since it is very versatile in nature. Moreover, people who own pets will also benefit from this vacuum cleaner, since it easily picks up pet hair.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

People who want a cost-friendly vacuum should opt for another appliance that is more affordable, as the Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum is highly priced. Moreover, people who do not own pets should not buy this machine.


The Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum cleaner is for every situation. It has a remarkable design and comes with plenty of tools as compared to other vacuums. It accompanies a brush tool for cleaning upholstery and hair and a soft dusting brush that applies suction on delicate surfaces such as lamp shades. This machine delivers excellent performance, is lightweight, and easy to use.

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