How to Clean Pet Hair in the House

having pets is wonderfulAlthough having pets is wonderful, it comes with its own set of disadvantages. Among these, one of the major issues with pets living in homes is pet hair that can be seen everywhere, including floors, surfaces, clothes, furniture, and upholstery. Therefore, we have come up with some tips that can help you get rid of pet hair in your house.


If you want to remove pet hair from your clothes, you can follow these tricks.
You can use a lint roller on your clothes in order to clean off pet hair from your clothes.
If you have too many pet hair on your clothes you can throw your clothes in your dryer with a dryer sheet. Dry them for 10 minutes. If you want a chemical free solution, you can use a dryer ball.


If you want to remove pet hair from your furniture, you can follow these tips.
You can make use of dampened rubber gloves in order to get rid of pet hair from fabric and upholstery. You just need to run your gloved hand over the surface where you see pet fur. This will attract pet hair. After this, merely rinse off the glove covered with pet hair and repeat this procedure if required. If you do not have rubber gloves, you can also try a wet sponge.
Spray a mixture of fabric softener and water on your upholstery and furniture and then wipe it off.


If you want to eliminate pet hair from your floors, you can do the following.
For cleaning pet hair from your carpet, you can scrape it gently with a pumice stone. This will gather pet hair from your carpet. You can also use a Furminator on your rugs that can scrape up pet hair, without damaging the carpet.
Vacuum your carpets regularly. If needed you can vacuum certain areas twice, alternating directions in order to loosen obstinate pet hair.


If you want to clean pet hair from pets themselves, you can do it the following.
You must brush or fumigate your pets twice a week in order to cut down the quantity of pet hair in your house.
You can vacuum your pet after putting a thin sock or stocking over the hose of your vacuum cleaner.

This is how you can clean pet hair from your house. You must groom your pets as well as vacuum your home regularly in order to prevent having it all over your house.

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