BLACK+DECKER Sweeper/Vacuum

If you are frustrated with the noise, heavy weight and hassles of changing fuel in gas powered cleanup tools, the BLACK+DECKER cordless sweeper cum vacuum model is a great tool to consider. It is very effective in blowing off debris.

Switching from blower mode to the vacuum mode for mulching leaves is smoothly done with the collection bag that is of half bushel capacity.

Since the tool weighs 5.4 pounds only, it is a very lightweight model that can be used for extended span without getting tired. Further, the comfortable handle grip adds to the convenience. The machine is quiet as it emits just about 65 decibels.

conventional batteryBacked by Lithium Power

The sweeper/vacuum tool is powered with a Lithium battery of 40 Volt. The battery has excellent runtime and is a versatile design that works as effectively with the other tools present in the system. Compared to other conventional battery technologies, Lithium batteries offer better performance as they can hold charge for a longer span and are quick to recharge and use. The 40 volt Lithium battery can recharge in an hour’s time.

Potent Performance

BLACK+DECKER sweeper and vacuum combo tool puts up a robust performance with its powerful vacuum and sweeper design. Clearing debris and leaves from decks, patios, driveways, walkways and garages is simplified with this machine. The convenient design of sweeper and vacuum enables smooth switchover from one mode to the other so you can clear up of the yard, especially the hard surfaces, in a breeze.

The Power Command control feature helps in adjusting the speed in two ways, namely a maximum power control or maximum working time mode. And stopping midway to clear up stuck debris is not an issue here as the inbuilt scraper clears all debris and matted leaves stuck in the blades.

Features and Specifications

  • decks and patiosThe 40 volt Lithium powered Black+Decker garden tool is designed specifically for clearing hard surfaces off any type of debris.
  • The tool is effective for clearing spaces such as drives, garages, walks, decks and patios.
  • The dimensions of the tool are 20.44 inches x 8.5 inches x 37 inches
  • The design includes convenient and user friendly features such as controls for power command where the speed can be adjusted based on the power or run-time.
  • The vacuum and sweeper modes are easily interchangeable without much hassle.
  • The product weighs 6.9 pounds.
  • The Lithium battery of 40 volt capacity is rechargeable and reaches full charge in one hour.
  • The handle is provided with a soft grip to enable prolonged use without any fatigue.
  • The package includes a fast charger of LCS36 40-volt, a collection bag, tubes for the blower and vacuum, 40 v lithium battery and LSWV36 sweeper/vacuum without cord.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have used this sweeper and vacuum combo from Black+ Decker find the mulching blades, suction power and blower mechanism quite good. Since all the important functions are expertly designed to provide maximum performance, yard work is easily handled with the sweeper/vacuum model. The lightweight design and high power enable completing clean up tasks quicker than with other similar products.

A few users find the left side air intake design a bit annoying as it suck up clothing, if the blower is held too near to the body. However for left-handed individuals this is not a problem.

When you look at the overall features of the Black+Decker model, I would recommend it confidently as it favors quick and frequent use without much hassle. Further, the battery stands up to considerably longer span letting you finish clearing up jobs conveniently.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a lightweight model vacuum for cleaning hard surfaces exclusively and one that does not require a cord and is priced reasonably, this is a perfect model to consider. It has a good blower mode and the vacuum is also pretty good. And this is perfectly suitable for smaller yard jobs only. The battery works for an extended period of time, so recharging is not an issue here.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

If you own a big yard space with lots of grass to clean this cordless model is not the right choice. A gas powered and corded model is more ideal for a larger area. This Black+ Decker sweeper is not a full scale vacuum and blower model and is only moderately effective on clearing wet leaves. It is mostly confined to smaller jobs mostly on hard surfaces.


When compared to the conventional corded blower versions, this cordless model is a delightful change that eliminates all hassles of dealing with tangled cords and insufficient cord length. The lightweight body, quiet operation and easy power adjustments make this product an ideal one for smaller jobs. The storage is also easier due to the compact design and recharge unit is also designed to take up very little space making this a good choice for small and frequent cleanup jobs.

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