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PetsPets are easy to love. Whether you are a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ – or you love some other kind of animal – there is a lot to like about being a pet owner. The companionship that can be enjoyed thanks to a faithful pet is something that just can’t be replicated any other way. With all of that said, there is one major downside to pet ownership – the mess. Pets tend to be messy, with some being worse than others. Specifically, pets and carpet don’t tend to get along. Whether it is just pet hair that is stuck in the fibers of the carpet, or if they have an ‘accident’ at some point, you may find yourself regularly trying to bring your carpets back to good condition.

For the pet owner with a house full of carpet to protect, a carpet cleaning machine may be a great investment. Carpet cleaners are units that most people choose to rent, but a pet owner may need one often enough to choose to purchase one to keep in the closet for quick access. By having the ability to use the best pet carpet cleaner quickly for pet stains after an incident, you can minimize the damage and keep your carpets as clean as possible for the long run.

The buying guide that follows will help you through the process of picking out a carpet cleaner for your home when pets are a concern. Sure, you could probably achieve acceptable results with just about any carpet cleaning machine (also called carpet shampooer or carpet washer), but selecting one with features specifically design with pets in mind should lead to optimal results. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and we hope the information below will lead to a successful purchase.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Considerations

It is possible to spend a considerable sum of money on a carpet cleaner for pet stains, which is why you will want to do a bit of research before you make your purchase. There are a variety of different products in this market, each with its own price point and unique set of features. The list below highlights some of the points you should be checking on as you shop for the best pet carpet cleaner.

Full Machine or Spot Cleaner?

One of the first choices you need to make is whether you want to purchase a whole carpet cleaner or just a spot cleaning unit for rug. A full-size carpet cleaner is a machine that you push along the floor – much like a vacuum cleaner which uses water instead of air. On the other hand, a spot cleaner is a smaller device which is meant to address specific stains quickly and effectively. There are good arguments in favor of both of these devices, so you will have to think about which makes the most sense for your needs.

With a full-sized machine, you get the same kind of cleaning power that you would have if you decided to rent a carpet cleaner for a day. If you plan on regularly cleaning all of your carpets – as you might need to do if your pets shed excessively – owning a full machine is a smart choice. Of course, you are going to pay significantly more for a full-size machine as opposed to a spot cleaner, and you will need somewhere to store this device as well. The spot cleaner will save you both money and space, but you won’t have the same kind of cleaning potential as you have with the whole machine.

Pet-Specific Design

Purchasing a machine that has been designed with pet owners in mind is the best way to get the kind of performance you hope to achieve. Carpet cleaners that have been engineered with pet owners in mind may have features such as special attachments, a collection spot for pet hair, pet stain remover, pet odor remover and more. These are features that would not necessarily come with a ‘generic’ machine, and they can be a great help as you try to clean your home thoroughly. Also, you may find units that include cleaning solution which is specifically intended to deal with the kinds of messes made by pets.

The Ability to Dry

Using water to clean stains and other messes on your carpet is a powerful approach, but you don’t want that water to stay in your carpet for long. It is important to pick out a carpet shampooer machine that does a good job of pulling water back out of the carpet so that you don’t do any long-term damage to your floor. All of these kinds of carpet cleaner for pets are designed to pick the water back up, but some fare better with that task than others.

Benefits of Owning a Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Among the best benefits of owning this kind of product is simply being able to avoid having to rent a machine each time you wish to clean your carpets. As a pet owner, you will likely need to clean your carpets more frequently than those living in a home without pets. With that in mind, having access to a cleaner that you can pull from the closet at any time will be a nice convenience over having to drive to the store to pick one up. Also, you should save money over the long run by making a one-time purchase instead of consistently paying rental fees.

In addition to the convenience of being able to access your carpet cleaner at any time, you will also appreciate how much longer your carpets will last thanks to regular cleaning. It is only natural that you will be willing to use your machine more frequently when you own it rather than when you have to rent. As a result, your carpets are cleaned more often, and they are able to remain in good condition over a longer period of time. Replacing carpeting is an expensive process, so holding that off as long as possible is always a good thing.

Top 4 – Best Carpet Cleaners For Pets

The list below includes some of the top carpet cleaners for pets on the market today. These models go about the job in different ways, but each is capable of caring for your carpets after some kind of damage has been done by one of your pets. To learn more about any of these top rated carpet cleaning machines, please visit the Amazon sales page through the included link.

Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4

Image of Bissell DeepClean Premier 17N4The Bissell name is one that has long been associated with carpet cleaning products, so it is no surprise to see it featured prominently here on our list. This deep carpet cleaner is one that has been specifically designed to get rid of the odor from pet urine and stains , with the inclusion of a pet hair collection basket, a tough stain brush scrubber, carpet shampooer and more. The 12 rows of dual rotating powerbrushes do the dirty work within this machine, and the whole unit comes with a limited 3-year warranty. There is an optional pet stain formula available for this machine if you would like to use cleaning formula meant specifically for the types of messes you may be cleaning.

Bissell products have a great reputation in the carpet cleaning market, and the reviews that have been left for this product reflect that fact clearly. The large majority of past buyers of this unit are extremely happy with their purchase. Some of the compliments that have been left for this rug cleaner include how well it picks up dog hair, the ease of setup, the way it pulls water back out of the carpet, and more. There are very few complaints to be found, so this rug cleaner model should be seen as a strong contender if you would like to own the best carpet cleaner meant for the needs of the pet owner.

Bissell 1548 ProHeat Steam Cleaner

Image of Bissell 1548 ProHeatThis next carpet cleaner closely resembles an upright vacuum cleaner, however it is designed to use water effectively to clean out your carpets after they have been soiled by pets. There are a number of different ‘bundles’ available with this item, so you can pick out the package that fits your needs – and your budget – best. In addition to the standard carpet cleaning function of this affordable machine, it also includes tools like the 3’’ tough stain tool and the pet stain tool. With an ample one-gallon tank on board, you shouldn’t have to frequently stop cleaning in order to refill the tank. This carpet cleaner is also slightly less-expensive than some of the other steam carpet cleaner for pets on the market, so keep that in mind as you shop.

The review for this product are somewhat mixed, with plenty of compliments to go along with a few complaints. Compliments include the ease of assembly and operation, the effectiveness of the cleaning process, and more. It is also great for steam cleaning pet urine and stains on the rug. On the downside, there are some concerns regarding the ability of this machine to suck the water back up, as well as issues with the durability of the product. As always, moving up to a more expensive option is usually your best bet if you want to get around durability and performance concerns.

Bissell Spotbot 33N8A

Image of Bissell Spotbot 33N8AMoving on with our list, we find a product that comes in the form of a spot cleaner rather than a full-size carpet cleaner. Right away, you will notice that this kind of machine comes at a significantly lower price than a rolling model. Even at that lower price, you get plenty of features which can help you clean up after your pets. The Spotbot uses a spiral brushing action to clean up just about any mess, and there is even an automatic cleaning cycle which can be set to run while you step away. Also, this Bissell carpet cleaner has used
Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection to fight against any odor causing bacteria.

Those who have previously purchased and reviewed this machine seem to largely love the performance that they have received. Many pet owners state that this unit does a great job of cleaning up after their furry friends – which is exactly the point in the first place. If you are in the market for a portable carpet cleaner and want to stick with a trusted carpet cleaner brand, it would be a wise chose to take a closer look at the Bissell Spotbot.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean

Image of Bissell 3624 SpotCleanAnother entry from Bissell, this portable carpet cleaner has a number of features which will be loved by pet owners and non-pet owners alike. Some of the many great features that come with this unit are a 5’ flexible hose, a 6’’ stair tool, 3’’ tough stain tool, 8oz of cleaning formula to get rid of urine and stain pet odor, and more. Also, there is a 22’ power cord, making it possible to reach most places in your home with ease. In addition to all of those nice features, there is also a limited 2-year warranty to protect your purchase.

The reviews for this product are nothing short of outstanding, which should give you confidence as a prospective buyer. Whether cleaning up after pets or just cleaning carpets and upholstery in the house, this unit seems to get the job done time and time again. Since it is a portable unit, it should be easier for most people to move around the house as compared to a full-size model. For most pet owners, this highly recommended option from Bissell  rug shampooer will be all that is needed to get the job done.


There is no need to choose between having pets and having clean carpets. Although carpeting and pets are not really a match made in heaven, you can manage to keep your carpets in good condition when you have the right machine on your side. Use the recommended information provided above to pick out a good carpet cleaner that has the proper capabilities for your needs. Once purchased, this unit should be able to help you keep your carpet in great shape for many years ahead.

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you have found exactly the information you needed and get the best rug shampooer for your home. Happy shopping!

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